(Minghui.org) Most of my life has been painful with many illnesses. I suffered from a cough from a childhood bout with pertussis, and my parents sought all types of treatment for me for 18 years, but to no avail.

After I was married, my husband and his family took good care of me, which helped me feel a little better emotionally, but the diseases continued to torture me. I could not do physical work, and had to spend a lot of money on medical treatments, resulting in financial strife and a harder life for my family. Many times I thought of suicide, but consideration for my two young children stopped me.

Witnessing the Power of Dafa

When I was 40, I felt my life was about over. A distant relative had heard about my situation and visited me to tell me about Falun Dafa. I did not believe that any qigong could save me, but I could not reject my relative’s kindness. I listened to the Falun Dafa lectures and did the exercises with her.

Surprisingly, my body went through huge changes. I had many illness symptoms until the seventh day, after which I felt great relief and my swelling disappeared. I had enough strength to do housework. Half-a-month later, I could work on the farm.

Our family was very happy. My husband told whoever he met that Falun Dafa had saved his dying wife. This exciting news spread fast in my village, resulting in at least 50 to 60 people coming to learn Falun Dafa.

Defending Dafa's Innocence

I am one of the thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners who have benefited from the practice. After the Chinese communist regime banned Falun Dafa in 1999, I cried for months. When the staged 'Tiananmen self-immolation' incident was publicized, it was difficult for me to calm down for a long time. I knew that Falun Dafa practitioners would not do self-immolation, because killing is a sin.

To counter the maligning of Dafa by the government-owned media, I wrote an essay that spoke of the truth of Falun Dafa. I made one hundred copies and other practitioners distributed them.

I repeatedly wrote to the director of the town police station to advise him not to persecute Falun Dafa and its practitioners. He took my advice and was very concerned about my safety when the county public security bureau was searching for me. He sent me a warning, which said that I should leave town as soon as possible.

After I left my home, I wrote to my relatives, friends, and town folks, telling them that Falun Dafa is a true Buddha Fa, not to believe the media's propaganda, and to believe that Dafa is good.

When I was illegally detained, I wrote a long letter to the head of the prison guards explaining my personal experiences and benefits from Dafa and advised her that treating Falun Dafa practitioners well would build immeasurable merit. She changed after she learned the truth. When I was in poor health after being persecuted, she gave me good food to keep up my strength. Whenever higher authorities increased the intensity of the persecution, she told me to be careful.

I was finally able to return home five-and-a-half years later.

"During the past few years, “ my husband said, “I read the letters you wrote to us, and I knew you were not wrong to practice Falun Dafa. I kept your Falun Dafa CD and books safe, and I often watched Master’s lectures on the DVD at night."

Looking Inward and Correcting Oneself

A practitioner asked me in 2008 to make Dafa truth-clarification materials. I bought the equipment and learned how to go online, download materials, and print them.

The materials production site had been in operation for a little more than a year when the Party started to arrest practitioners. I did not lose any equipment and was released after being illegally detained for a few hours. But I grew fearful after this incident and dared not to make truth-clarifying materials for a year.

Other practitioners helped me get over my fear and improve based on the Fa principles. I improved my xinxing with their compassionate help. A relative, also a practitioner, gave me a computer. My production site was back in operation.

I noticed that when I was making truth-clarifying materials, when my xinxing was not good, the printer did not work well, and I sometimes needed to reprint, which wasted paper. Whenever I had trouble with printing, I looked inward and corrected myself.

My ability to walk a straight path up to today also relates to the strength of my local group and my family. Even though my family does not practice, they support me.

Distributing Dafa Materials

When I left home in 2002 to move to another city to avoid being persecuted, I did not have any truth-clarification materials. I hand-copied Dafa materials and hand wrote 13 copies without stopping and sealed them in envelopes. I put them in residents’ mailboxes.

I was able to print out the latest truth-clarification materials at night in 2014, to meet the needs of local practitioners.

An elderly practitioner in his 80s needed the largest amount of materials. One day we distributed 200 fliers in 3 villages door to door. I was very tired from working the entire day and had to rest every couple miles. My partner suggested that I should do some house chores at a later time. I remembered to look inward when experiencing tribulations, and I realized I did not arrange my time well.

Another night, we went to neighboring villages to distribute truth-clarifying materials. There were a lot of dogs barking. We sent righteous thoughts toward the village until the dogs no longer barked. We distributed all the materials.

It is such a fulfilling experience to bring the truth of Dafa to the Chinese people and help then understand the viciousness of the persecution.