(Minghui.org) Every year on Chinese New Year's day, our family of four kneels down in front of Master's (the founder of Falun Dafa) picture and kowtows nine times. We repeat the words, “Falun Dafa is good,” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” to wish Master Happy New Year.

Although my son and daughter-in-law are not Falun Dafa practitioners, the respect they show toward Master and Dafa has brought them many blessings. Their business has done very well in recent years, which has allowed them to purchase an additional house to rent. They also own a nice house for themselves in a good area for schools.

Master said:

When people show the appropriate respect and reverence toward Dafa as it manifests here in this world, they, their race, or their nation will enjoy blessings or honor. (“On Dafa” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Feeling Bitter with Life Before Practicing Dafa

I was aggressive and ambitious before I started practicing Falun Dafa. I envied people who lived a wealthy lifestyle, and thought only about myself. I used to work as a laborer on construction sites during the day and fed pigs and took care of my son, his wife, and child in the evening. By the end of each day, I was so tired that I could hardly straighten my back.

I was very bitter in my heart until I was introduced to Falun Dafa on April 1, 1996. Following the advice of a friend, I listened to Master’s Fa lectures. From then on I persisted in studying the Fa every day.

After practicing the exercises, I had much more energy than before. I am now in my seventies, but feel ten years younger. I was amazed by the huge changes that happened to my body and mind in such a short period of time.

Because I studied the Falun Dafa books, I naturally started following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my daily life.

When I worked in a shop that sold farm machine accessories, I took on extra tasks and was very reliable. With such a healthy body I was able to load heavy pieces of farm equipment alongside the men I worked with. I arrived at the shop an hour early, cleaned up outside, then wiped all of the counters and swept the floor inside the shop. The manager appreciated the extra work that I did and asked me to take care of the keys to the shop and warehouse.

My family members ridiculed me because I worked extra without getting paid more. I didn’t mind what they said, and replied, “I just follow Master’s teaching and always consider others first.”

They Wanted to Practice Dafa

I used to have a job washing dishes in a restaurant. I always listened to Master’s lectures on my headphones during my break. A waitress there named Xiao He became curious to know what I was listening to all the time. So one day she sat down with me and listened to Master’s lectures. The more she listened, the more she wanted to hear. She soon also started to practice Falun Dafa, and introduced the practice to her mother and sister. They are now all Dafa practitioners.

My neighbor Dage was very weak, and suffered from many illnesses for most of her life. She was forced to retire, and get shots and take medicine every day. She felt like she was on the verge of death. She even prepared what she would wear when she was buried.

The day after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I told Dage how wonderful it was. She asked if I would help her to learn it too.

We studied the Fa and practiced the exercises together that day. She was very serious about learning Dafa and paid close attention to each movement. She even became the assistant at our practice site and helped correct new practitioners’ movements. She too has been very healthy ever since she began the practice over 20 years ago.

Though I was very busy, I was very energetic and always had a smile on my face. Dage’s illnesses also disappeared. Upon seeing the amazing improvements that Dage and I experienced, another neighbor, named Xiaoliu, came out to study the Fa and practice the exercises with us.

Family Lives in Harmony for the Past 15 Years

My son got married in 2001, and I have since been living with his family. I treat my daughter-in-law as my own daughter, and I take care of all of the household chores.

My daughter-in-law used to have a bad temper, and would sometimes yell at me over small matters.

She was on the phone with her son on one occasion, and I wanted to speak to him for a minute. I tried to take the phone from her hand, but she reacted very strongly and pushed my hand away. She scratched my hand in the process and made it bleed.

I went to my room and cried. I thought, “I work so hard to keep the house clean and tidy, but she still doesn’t respect me.” After I calmed down, I realized that I was a practitioner and should look inward. I was too eager to talk to the boy and was not polite. It was my fault. I’ll let go of my grief.

When I returned to the room I talked to my daughter-in-law as if nothing had happened. She was embarrassed and apologized to me.

We have lived together for 15 years now. My daughter-in-law is moved by my tolerance, and her temper has also improved. She knows that I can tolerate her so well because I practice Falun Dafa. I have put much effort in on their family, and she respects Dafa and also supports me in my cultivation.

My son knows that most of those who used to work with me at construction sites have already passed away through old age. Even though I am in my seventies, I can still move heavy loads up stairs, and I bear all of the household chores. He also respects Dafa and supports me in my cultivation.

I once accompanied my grandson on a school trip out of town, and my son and daughter-in-law burned incense to Master every day while I was away. My son kowtowed nine times to Master’s picture in the morning and my daughter-in-law nine times at night.