(Minghui.org) Like most Chinese people, I did not believe in the existence of Buddhas or Gods, given the indoctrination by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After I started to practice Falun Dafa, I had wonderful experiences, and I changed my atheistic outlook.

Recovery from My Illnesses

Before I started to practice in Dafa, my health was not good. Although I had spent a lot of money practicing another qigong that claimed to improve one's health, my health had not improved.

When two Falun Dafa practitioners introduced the practice to me, I thought it was just another kind of qigong. They taught me at no charge, so I decided to read Zhuan Falun the main book of teachings.

After reading Zhuan Falun, I realized that Dafa is just the opposite of the qigong I had practiced. I learned why people have illnesses, and why we should be good people. I read that if I live by the Dafa standards it is true cultivation, and that it changes people's fate, and much more.

In a dream, I sat on a bed when my heartbeat became irregular. I told the practitioner who was with me that I had an irregular heartbeat and often had to go to the hospital, but that I had regained my health because I was a practitioner. After I woke up. I hurried to the practice site and told the practitioner about my dream. She said, “It is your predestined relationship with Dafa. You must cultivate diligently.

Since I started to practice Falun Dafa, I have felt like a new person. All my illnesses disappeared.

One night about two months later, I felt a sharp stomach pain and had diarrhea. The next morning, my entire body hurt. I had a headache, fever, and stomachache. I knew that this was the process of karma elimination. I felt fine by the next day.

Believing in Falun Dafa

After I got married I had four miscarriages when I was about two months pregnant. Medical treatments did not help.

I had a dream in October 1999. Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) came to my home and smiled. That month I became pregnant again.

About two months into my pregnancy, I felt pain in my lower abdomen and was bleeding. Instead of going to the hospital, I remembered that I am a practitioner and believed in Falun Dafa.

I had a lovely baby girl. She grew up under the protection of Dafa and is now in middle school.

Wrong to Give Up Dafa

I was arrested and taken to a brainwashing class by CCP officers on June 2, 2002. I was confused and wrote a statement betraying Dafa. Afterward, I felt so bad that I could not eat. When I returned home, I still felt heavy in my heart and sick. I experienced blood in my urine and itching.

My cultivation environment turned hostile, as my husband did not let me study Falun Dafa or practice the exercises.

However, I decided to return to Dafa once I remembered the benefits I experienced after learning it. I was determined that I would never give it up and that no one could shake my belief. As soon as this thought came to my mind, I felt light and my illnesses disappeared.

Escaping Injuries

When crossing a street on October 18, 2003, I was hit by a car and lost consciousness.

After a while, I heard that someone said that my head was hit. I realized that I had been in a car accident. Immediately, I told myself that I am a practitioner and that nothing would happen to me.

I did not feel dizzy or any pain. I felt calm, as nothing was wrong with me. I assured the lady, that everything was alright, and she need not worry. I said, “I practice Falun Dafa and am protected. All practitioners are good people. Please remember “Falun Dafa is good,” it will bring you good fortune.”

I was shocked when I saw that the car's windshield was completely shattered. I apologized for breaking the glass, and the driver apologized for hitting me.

The Entire Family Benefits When One Person Practices Dafa

A boy who had played with my daughter came and told me that my daughter was hit by a truck in the spring of 2006. I was scared and worried at first, then calmed down and remembered that we would be protected.

My daughter was crying when I got there. People suggested that I take her to a hospital. I believed everything would be alright and told my little girl not to worry.

My daughter believes in Falun Dafa. She walked several steps, and people were surprised. The driver followed me when we walked home because he was still worried. I assured him that everything was alright and that he could leave.

The driver and his wife visited us that night. His wife wanted to take my daughter to a hospital and said that they were willing to pay for all medical expenses. I told them that my child was alright because I practice Falun Dafa my entire family benefits from it.