(Minghui.org) My mother learned about Falun Dafa from her friends and joined theirFa study group. She once took me with her. I was still in college at the time, and the curriculum was based on atheism. When she started practicing, I had conflicting emotions rise up in me: I was both skeptical and curious, yet I thought that Dafa was sort of like superstition.

News slandering Falun Dafa was broadcast on television when the persecution began in 1999; such broadcasts included practitioners killing people with knives or committing acts of self-immolation. I told my mother to quit the practice and I tore up and burned her Dafa books. I know now that what I did was wrong and regret it very much.

After I graduated from college, my sight in my left eye deteriorated rapidly, and I often had headaches. My mother accompanied me to see a specialist. The doctor said that my vision was going to get worse. We spent 400 yuan on medication.

On our way home on the train, I could not stop crying. I was not sure how much worse it could get, so I was afraid. After the diagnosis, I did not want to look at things or watch television. I slept a lot and felt hopeless; I thought I had no future.

My mother was worried and said, “I think you should read the books Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong. Many people with illnesses became healthy after they have learned the practice.” She put the books next to my bed and left the room.

I decided to give the books a shot. So I read every word from the beginning. After a few pages, I felt an unusual energy around my eyes and nose, something I had never experienced reading ordinary books.

After what I experienced, I knew that the things mentioned in the books were true. I read them more every day, and I did the exercises with my mother. When I closed my eyes during the exercises, I felt a small golden Falun (law wheel) adjusting my eyes. My vision did not deteriorate anymore after that.

I am grateful I was led to practice Falun Dafa. I rarely get sick now, and I am healthier than many of my colleagues who are younger. I believe those who practice Falun Dafa are the most fortunate.