(Minghui.org) Recent experience sharing between practitioners regarding missed opportunities to hold activities that clarify the truth and spread Dafa prompted me to think about the situation regarding activities in our region.

It is my understanding that we should not always wait or depend upon certain practitioners to organize or hold certain activities.

In the past, we might have been limited in some cases by the very small number of practitioners, but others have entered Dafa since then. They understand the seriousness and importance of cultivation, are trying to be diligent and have the heart and righteous thoughts to help Master save sentient beings and promote Dafa.

I believe it is simply a human notion that other practitioners cannot organize these kinds of activities just because someone else started practicing earlier or is usually the one organizing them. Isn't helping Master save sentient beings every Dafa disciple’s responsibility? And if that's the case, doesn't that mean we have the abilities to do so?

Moreover, I believe a dependence on the main coordinator is quite dangerous, as we are limiting ourselves and depending on just a few practitioners in our region who initiate, carry through, and hold most of the activities.

These practitioners are frequently already working on one or more time-consuming projects, are very busy and find it hard to put aside additional time to commit to another activity in one of the key roles. If they, for whatever reason, can’t do it, the opportunity to save sentient beings or spread Dafa frequently gets missed.

We should not use their being busy as an excuse to be less diligent in these situations or to hold on to our attachments, reasoning that we are already doing “enough.” Sometimes, when we think that we have so much to do or when we get complacent with our achievements, we think that we don’t have enough time or that this new activity can wait. Then, the situation frequently get complicated, changes, and the opportunity is missed.

A fellow practitioner likened these missed opportunities to what Master said about empty seats at Shen Yun. He told us that those whom we don’t manage to bring to their seats this time will lose their opportunity, as the seats will belong to someone else next time. I believe this may be the case as well with our other activities.

Actually, is there anything more important for a practitioner than to spread Dafa and help Master save sentient beings? In my understanding, we were able to become Dafa disciples because, among other things, we have to ability to help Master save sentient being and spread Dafa.

There is no point in wasting time being down, anxious or desperate over these missed opportunities. Rather, we should get up, learn a lesson and stride forth in cultivation by having faith in ourselves, other practitioners, and, most importantly, Master.

The above is only my personal understanding and not necessarily applicable in every situation. Please point out anything inappropriate.