(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in my area were arrested when they went to another town recently to talk to people about Falun Gong and the persecution. Among them was a new practitioner who began to cultivate about three years ago.

I overheard that when this practitioner went out to tell people about Falun Gong or the persecution, her husband was very nervous. The practitioner told her husband, “If I do not return as usual, please send forth righteous thoughts for me.”

Hearing about her arrest, I remembered her words and thought we may need to do better opposing the persecution, that is, we cannot acknowledge it in our minds.

My Story

I began to practice Falun Gong five years ago. In the beginning I did not have fear or have any concept of it. I read all of Master's lectures in a matter of months. Several months later, I was able to access Minghui and read articles on the suppression. Gradually, I developed the notion that practicing Falun Gong means one will very likely be persecuted. When local practitioners told me to pay attention to safety, these human notions became stronger.

On one hand, from the Fa lectures we know that this persecution should not have happened in the first place. And we understand that Master does not acknowledge it, either. If we are able to do well in these situations, we won't only save sentient beings, but also improve ourselves.

In July 2015, I filed a criminal complaint against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for persecuting Falun Gong. Since I used my real name, some practitioners were afraid for my safety. But I knew that suing Jiang is something we should do since Master had talked about it before. One month later, I received a text message confirming the criminal complaint was accepted, and I did not get into trouble throughout the process, either.

Other Arrests

One day last year, several practitioners including me went to another practitioner's home for Fa-study. That practitioner had been arrested by the police at home the day before, but we did not know about it. We rang the door bell for a long time, but when no one answered, we left. Several days later I went there again by myself. Nobody answered the phone, either.

I learned that the practitioner had been arrested several days before. At first I was scared, because the police often dispatch some plainclothes officers near the homes of those who had been arrested, so that they could find more practitioners and bring them in. With that fear, I felt intense pressure, which made my entire body shake. In the end, I sent forth righteous thoughts and decided to eliminate any vicious elements. Things were fine afterwards.

I experienced similar situations on several occasions. I often had some hesitation or fear in the beginning, but once I became determined, the interference would vanish.

Do Not Acknowledge the Persecution

From these instances, I came to learn that anything that happens to us can be an opportunity to upgrade our xinxing. In order to upgrade our xinxing, we cannot accept the arrangements of the old forces. It can be difficult to do so in the beginning, but when other practitioners discuss this or tell you about these cases, it could be a test of our righteous thoughts. If we are disturbed or acknowledge them, they could become a reality.

We are Dafa disciples and we are here using these opportunities to both cultivate ourselves and save people. By remaining clearheaded and not acknowledging the persecution, we can do better on our road of cultivation.