(Minghui.org) I recently had a dream and woke up crying. In the dream, I was entering a classroom, which had about 60 people inside with many more standing in the hallway. Seeing Master, the founder of Falun Dafa, in the front of the class, I became excited: “Oh, Master has returned to China. Does this mean that our cultivation practice is over? But, have I done well enough?”

My mother and I were at the same table. Master looked at us, and conveyed that we did not do well. Since we did not meet the requirement for consummation, we would reincarnate again as human beings.

A practitioner was holding some papers full of names, and asked us to confirm if two names were ours. They were.

I asked Master why my mother and I ended up like this. Master replied that it was based on our performance. Looking at Master, I wanted to cry.

Master took us to a planet, half of which was purified and bright, while the other half was dark and filthy. To cleanse the dark half did not take long. The air was fresh, the water clear, and there were beautiful mountains and warm sunlight. All was renewed.

I didn't see many people on the ground there, and I knew that they were fortunate to survive. Nonetheless, I was saddened.

Upon returning to the classroom, I asked Master if others in my family had survived, including my father, sister, and wife. Hearing the answer “No,” I burst into tears.

Becoming a Practitioner

I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the age of 15, and the surgery had affected my right lung. After 10 years, I again came down with the same disease.

After being hospitalized for a month, I was transferred to a larger hospital. The doctor advised us that the earlier surgery had not been done well, but it was too late to remedy the situation.

Due to the excessive hospital costs, I returned home. My situation was grave and my life was miserable.

Then, I remembered, at the age of nine, I sometimes went with mother to a local Fa study group to read Falun Dafa books, but I didn't take it seriously. Seeing my condition worsen, I thought about practicing Dafa.

Just after I had that thought, at the end of 2014, Master purified my body. I kept vomiting and had diarrhea over the next two weeks. I continued to study the Fa and soon recovered from my illness.

Karmic Relationship

When I had turned 25, Master showed me the karmic debts I owed.

I was a 60-year-old general somewhere around the Song Dynasty. When I found that my seventh concubine had an affair with a bodyguard, I killed them both.

Since then, throughout my life cycles of reincarnation, this concubine became either my wife or I met her in different situations.

In this lifetime, my wife was the concubine and my son was the bodyguard. They were both very happy that I started practicing Falun Dafa, became healthy and no longer lost my temper. These karmic debts have followed me through many lifetimes and only if I reach consummation will they end.

Falun Dafa gives me chances over and over again to improve in cultivation and resolve my karmic debts.

I have not done well in cultivation, which is a serious issue. I must study diligently, be steadfast in my faith and not miss this last opportunity. If I do not catch up, and make the best use of the remaining time, my karmic relationship with Dafa will be lost forever.