(Minghui.org) Since January this year, Falun Gong practitioners from Stockholm, Sweden have been holding activities every week at three main subway stations downtown. Their purpose is to raise awareness about this ancient Chinese cultivation practice and expose the persecution in China, which has been going on for the past 17 years.

Signing the petition to support Falun Gong

People stop to read display boards and exercise demonstrations.

At the Karlaplan subway station, a 72-year-old retired journalist stopped to talk with practitioners. He said he was not surprised that the communist party is committing such horrifying crimes against the peaceful Falun Gong group.

“Many years ago, my wife and I took a trip to China. While visiting a senior center, we accidentally entered a building that was not a part of the tour and we were yelled at by the government officials. We realized that we were only being shown what they wanted us to see, which was completely different from what was behind the scenes.”

He praised the practitioners for their efforts to expose the persecution and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

Another woman who stopped to sign the practitioners' petition said, “Many people still don't know about this [forced organ harvesting in China]. We should let more people know. It is horrifying.”

Adrian, a high school student, passed by practitioners' booth with his mother. He said he read a report about forced organ harvesting in the Swedish edition of The Epoch Times newspaper.

After signing the petition, Adrian and his mother made an appointment with the practitioners to learn the exercises at a nearby park.

Anders, who works at a nearby cultural center, asked the practitioners for a stack of materials in Swedish and English for the center visitors. He also invited them to hold a workshop at the center.