(Minghui.org) I am 10-years-old Falun Dafa practitioner who was born into a family of practitioners. Before I was born my mother played Dafa lectures in the hope I would hear them.

After I was born I listened when my parents read Dafa books. I said, “rotating, rotating, rotating,” with my little finger pointing to the Falun (law wheel) on the cover of the book.

My parents taught me to memorize Hong Yin. My dad downloaded “Little Disciple Corner,” which I enjoyed very much. When my grandma went out to clarify the truth about Dafa I helped her.

After I started kindergarten, I studied the Fa with adults and memorized Lunyu. After I went to school, I read Zhuan Falun.

Lesson Learned

I was naughty sometimes and fought with my friends in kindergarten. Sometimes my teacher told my parents about it, who told me that as a practitioner I should not retaliate when beaten or sworn at. Actually, I was told by my grandpa, a non practitioner, who was worried that I would be bullied, to hit back when hit.

I once fought with a friend. My teacher demanded that I hit the desk with my hands as a punishment. My hands were swollen by the time I got home and I came down with a fever and blisters in my throat.

My parents took me to a group exercise site where I learned the Dafa exercises from older ladies. They also studied the Fa with me.

I recovered a few days later. My dad said I should remember this lesson.

Treated as a Little Dafa Disciple

A doctor recommended that I should be vaccinated and my mother agreed. On my return home, I came down with a fever and developed asthma. I could hardly breathe and my parents took me to the hospital. The doctor suggested long-term hormone therapy.

My parents decided to treat me as a little Dafa disciple. Since then, whenever I came down with a fever, my parents told me to repeat “Falun Dafa is good.” After having a fever a few times, my asthma disappeared. Since then I no longer contracted any illnesses and no longer took any medication.

Joining the Young Pioneers Dilemma

I told my classmates in kindergarten about the persecution and asked them to repeat “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” when in danger. I also told them not to believe the media propaganda about Dafa.

After I entered elementary school, my homeroom teacher recommended me for the first group who joined the Young Pioneers. When I told my father he said that a cultivator could not join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or any of its affiliated organizations.

I watched the New Tang Dynasty (NTD) programs and had listened to the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party publication on a DVD. I knew that the CCP was evil and did not want to join the Young Pioneers, but I did not know how to decline my teacher’s offer.

My father called the teacher and told her that he did not want me to join any atheist organization because our whole family believed in divine beings. My teacher said she understood and did not talk to me about it anymore.

When I was in the fourth grade, the new homeroom teacher told me to join the Young Pioneers. I was scared and asked my father to talk to my teacher. He refused and told me that I was old enough to handle the situation.

I did not feel very confident when I talked to my teacher. She told me that without joining the Young Pioneers, I could not participate in any group activities.

I felt very sad and told my father that I did not want to go to school anymore. My father contacted the teacher and explained. However, my teacher demanded that I wear the red scarf for a special activity two months later, but I refused. From then on, I did not attend any flag raising rituals or other related activities.

Debt Paid and Karma Reduced

On my way home from school, I crossed the road and a bus hit me. I fell unconscious and woke up in a hospital. My parents and my teacher were there.

My father whispered into my ear to repeat 'Falun Dafa is good' and if needed call Master's name.

Although I could not speak, I told my father with my eyes that I understood. I was diagnosed with six bone fractures on my face, four broken incisors, and other injuries. I was told to stay in the hospital for treatments.

My father stayed with me that night and told me to repeat “Falun Dafa is good.” He also read the book Essentials for Further Advancement to me. I considered myself as a practitioner and did not acknowledge the arrangement by the old forces.

Within three days, I recovered from my injuries, but was left with a few scratches. The doctor suggested surgery on my nose, but my parents said that it was not needed after they discussed it with me. We checked out of the hospital that day. I knew that I had paid a debt and my karma was reduced.