(Minghui.org) I had to take care of an urgent issue a few years ago and called a taxi. As soon as I shut the door and sat down, the young driver sped off. There was a row of cement piers next to the road since the area was under construction. The taxi slammed into one pier, bounced off and landed on top of another pier.

My head hit the front seat and then I bounced backwards. I shouted, “I am dying!” As soon as I said that, my head was in agony and I could taste blood. I immediately thought of Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa). I touched my head and said, “No worries, I'm fine!”

As soon as I thought of Master Li, the pain disappeared. My left arm felt painful. I grabbed it and said, “No problem.” The pain disappeared. I did this to my right arm, and both legs, and the pain disappeared. Someone knocked on the window and yelled, “Are you okay?!”

I opened the door and stepped out. I took a deep breath and calmed down. The man who knocked was another taxi driver. He rushed over when he saw the crash and he helped me to stand. He said, “There was a huge sound when the taxi crashed into the pier. The driver did not move for quite a while. It was terrifying.”

I looked at my taxi driver. He looked thoroughly shaken and could not speak. After a while he made a phone call. I said, “I have an urgent issue I need to take care of, so I have to leave. I hope you'll be okay.” I asked the other taxi driver to drive me so that I could take care of my business. After I finally returned home, I noticed that my entire right leg was bruised.

I went to the local Falun Dafa study group the next day. One practitioner said, “I saw a taxi on top of a pier. It looked like a bad accident!” I said, “I was in that car when it crashed, but thanks to Master Li's help I am fine!”