(Minghui.org) I grew up on a farm and was neglected by my family. I did not get much of an education, as I refused to attend school before ninth grade. During my teenage years, I turned for the worse and was not afraid of anything. I became defiant and my parents were at their wits' end.

Troubled Youth

I began smoking and drinking at the age 14, and was drunk most of the time. I refused to help on the farm and was only interested in having fun.

There was never a day that I did not fight with classmates or bully people. When teachers tried to reprimand me, I cursed at them. Eventually they no longer paid attention to me. My teachers and classmates' parents contacted my parents about my disruptive behavior on an almost daily basis.

To hone my fighting skills, I used a sandbag as a punching bag, and purchased a knife. I wanted to fight with anyone. Everyone, friends and neighbors included, were afraid of me.

Many of my childhood friends grew up, got married, and moved on with their lives, while I was stuck. Nobody really wanted to have anything to do with me.

Turning Point

When I was out for a walk one day, a neighbor told me that he was going to a Fa conference in the city. He explained that it was an opportunity to learn. I decided to go with him, but he advised that I needed permission from my parents, as the conference would be for a few days. I told him not to worry because I often disappeared for days to weeks, and they never cared.

I went to the Fa conference, and I was deeply impressed by the experience sharing of the attendees. I felt surrounded by a different atmosphere, and the energy and warmth were new to me. I felt calm and peaceful for the first time. I liked that feeling and decided to learn Falun Gong.

From that point on, I changed, and I no longer cursed and bullied others. I learned how to be a good person and got rid of my bad habits.

I began to work hard and followed the Falun Gong principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. My reputation changed, and as people witnessed my changes they were deeply impressed. I got married and had a family.

Thinking about my past, I cannot imagine what I would be like if I had not come across Falun Gong. The thought of how I would have turned out without Falun Gong still frightens me.

Falun Gong Principles Are Reflected in Our Actions

A young man from my village asked me to help him with a project. We ran into some trouble. When we returned, his father thought that I had made trouble for his son. When we met, he cursed at me, which was uncalled for. I was doing his son a favor and did not expect this. He was on the verge of beating me when his wife stopped him. The villagers were impressed that I did not behave the way I used to.

Then, my family told me that someone beat my son. According to my 12-year-old daughter, a man slapped my son's face very hard. I found this strange because this man was 40 years old. Why would he strike an 8-year-old kid? Everyone in my household was upset and wanted me to get even with him.

Facing my family members crying, I calmed down. I was a Falun Gong practitioner, and knew that I should not act like an ordinary person. I told them that I would go talk to the person. The man was not at home, but his son, who was also an eight-year-old, told me that my son had beaten him.

His mother was around and said that it was not a big deal since kids play rough all the time. When I saw the father, he appeared to be embarrassed, because I still treated him kindly and did not say a word about the incident with my son.

It is Falun Gong cultivation that purified my heart and soul. I now handle things so much differently than I did in the past. The principles are reflected in my words and actions every day, and my friends and family members are impressed by it.