(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2000, when the persecution was most severe. I did so, not for the health benefits, but because I felt that what I was reading in the book Zhuan Falun was right.

Attachment to Personal Gain

Before I began to cultivate, I had a strong attachment to personal gain. Even after I began, I was unable to eliminate it. When I shopped in the supermarket, I took extra plastic bags to use at home.

In regular interactions with friends and relatives, I calculated to see if I was coming out ahead. Once while on a holiday, I purchased ten pounds of eggs for my sister-in-law, but she gave me only a few undercooked buns in return. I was so angry that I threw them away.

Master knew exactly what attachments I had, and reminded me one night in a dream. In the dream, a person gave me and another person each a basket of peanuts. The other person's peanuts were big and of good quality, but mine were all shriveled.

I argued with the person who gave us the peanuts and demanded a good basket. At first, he refused. I insisted and finally got a good basket. I was happy and headed for home. He told me that it was now too late, as there were no more buses and I could not go home.

I told another practitioner about my dream. She said, “Master was obviously trying to help you eliminate your attachment to personal gain.”

I felt ashamed, and paid more attention to eliminating this attachment. Whenever it emerged, I tried to suppress and dispel it.

I began taking personal gain lightly, but I still could not eliminate it completely. Once a practitioner borrowed 1,500 yuan from me, and said he would pay me back when I needed the money. All I had to do was tell him.

After some time passed, my husband wanted me to ask for the money, so I started out for the practitioner’s home. On the way I ran into another practitioner, and I told him about it.

“Your family is not short of money,” he said. “That practitioner was in difficulty and really needed the money. Are you afraid that he would not pay you back? You should let go of your attachment to personal gain. Go back home. There are no coincidences.”

I agreed and knew that the practitioner would repay me, but I just could not let it go. The other practitioner said, “If the 1,500 yuan helps you eliminate your attachment, you should thank that practitioner.”

I returned home and no longer worried about it. Shortly afterward, the practitioner paid back the money on his own.

Attachment to Lust

At the beginning of my cultivation, I often dreamed that I slept with men I liked. As a practitioner, I knew it was terrible to hold such dirty thoughts, and made up my mind to get rid of my attachment to lust.

I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Master's support. At the same time, I did not want to be intimate with my husband, and wanted to maintain my purity during cultivation. My husband is not a practitioner, and he was full of sexual energy. I believed that my cultivation energy would make him not think about it. When he happened to think about it, I just did something else to delay going to bed until he fell asleep.

I have been able to maintain my purity in the last ten years, even though my husband and I sleep in the same bed. Other practitioners are surprised that I have been able to do so. I realized that if one’s thoughts are based on the Fa and are pure and righteous, all attachments can be eliminated.

Attachment to Suspicion

One practitioner regularly came to my home to deliver materials to me. She once did not come for ten days. I wondered why, but did not complain. I knew that I should look within. I searched hard for my attachments and found some thoughts and actions that were not on the Fa. I became determined to get rid of them.

When I did the exercises the next morning, my whole body felt light and comfortable. I later learned that the practitioner had been very busy lately, which helped me realize that I should not suspect practitioners.

When I go out at night to put up “Falun Dafa is good” posters, they shine with a golden light. When I send forth righteous thoughts, I no longer feel my hand. When I do the exercises, I feel myself as tall as a giant. When I clarify the truth to people, my mind has no other thought.

I am not afraid when I am around many people and can persuade most of them to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

Most importantly, once I discover that I did wrong, I immediately ask for Master's support. No matter who points out my attachments, I am happy to listen and immediately correct myself.

Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation.