(Minghui.org) When I was tortured by guards and inmates in a forced labor camp, I was not afraid. I remembered that when monk Ji Gong was tortured by county officials back in the 13th century, he used his supernatural powers to transfer his pain to the officials.

The story reminded me that as Falun Dafa practitioners, we should negate the persecution. We should be able to use our supernatural capabilities to transfer any pain inflicted upon us to the torturer.

Thus, I thought: “I am giving my torturers one more chance, although I was in pain. Instead, I began to clarify the facts about Dafa. However, they refused to listen. Therefore, I decided to transfer the pain to my persecutors. As soon as I had this thought, the guards stopped torturing me.

Witnessing Extraordinary Events

Our neighbor introduced Dafa to my wife. She told me that Dafa had answered many questions about life she had wondered about for years. We both decided to practice Dafa that day.

My wife’s illnesses vanished within nine days, although she had symptoms for so many years. Witnessing my wife's recovery prompted me to introduce Dafa to my mother, who was in her 70s and illiterate. She suffered from a number of diseases.After she began to practice in Dafa, all her illnesses and a scar she had disappeared.

Regaining a New Life

When visiting my parents, I also went to see my aunt. She looked very pale, and she had an extended belly. She told me that she had late stage liver cancer and had a fluid build up in her abdomen. She was given two months to live. They had stopped the treatments, discharged her, and sent her home.

This was an excellent opportunity to tell her about Dafa. I told her that Teacher cleanses the bodies of true practitioners. If one follows the principles “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” one can practice Dafa.

“I am going to die anyway,” she said. “What am I afraid of? I'll do what Teacher asks me to do!”

She practiced Dafa with my parents. She told me that she threw out all her medications about one week later. She faced some illness tribulations but was not worried. She recovered completely after another week and even helped her daughter-in-law fertilize the crops in the field.

One Thought Makes the Difference

Many of our relatives had witnessed our recovery from severe illnesses. They all decided to practice Dafa after they and approximately 100 people from our area watched Teacher's nine-day lecture recordings and learned the exercises.

My cousin's mother-in-law used to have a heart problem. Without thinking twice, she decided to ride her bike to a practice site. That one thought made the difference. She arrived at the site without any problem, and when she saw her doctor, she was told that her heart problem had disappeared.

Even the children of people who learn Dafa benefit. An elderly couple came to the exercise site with their six-year-old grandson.

One could see that there was something wrong with that child. He had a 10 centimeter long and two centimeter wide gap on the back of his head since birth. They searched for a cure, but in vain. We told them that if just one person practices Dafa the whole family would benefit. The gap in his skull disappeared within two months while sitting and listening at the practice site.

When I was fertilizing the field, I accidentally sprayed an extremely poisonous pesticide into my left eye. I was in great pain and thought to rinse my eye and go to the hospital.

Then I thought that this was not right. I realized that I am a practitioner and would be fine. That moment the pain stopped and the pesticide began to flow out from my eye.

Many experiences about the power of Dafa have been reported on Minghui. The above are just a few instances of my experiencing or witnessing the power of Dafa. By telling such accounts, people will get to know more about Dafa and realize that it is just the opposite of what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims.