(Minghui.org) Most practitioners in my area do not usually do the exercises outdoors, and I used to be one of them. In my family, sometimes we'd even skip doing the exercises for various reasons.

Last year, after attending the New York experience-sharing conference, I began to think about how I could do the three things better in such a limited time. I talked to my family and decided that we should all do the exercises outside. This way, we'd be doing the exercises daily, and we'd get to promote the practice and share the facts of the persecution.

We found an exercise spot that is about two minutes from where we live, located at a three-way intersection with stop signs.

It's an open space where people could see us from far away, and where traffic stops at the intersection. There was also a gazebo that we could stand under in case it rained. It was a perfect place for doing the exercises and getting people's attention. We thanked Master for the arrangement.

We set up a banner there that read “Falun Dafa is good,” along with flyers and literature for people to take. We also had a petition against organ harvesting out for people to sign, and many posters describing this grisly exploitation.

At first, we all did the exercises at the same time. Later, we realized that we could be there for longer if we took turns. The longest we stayed there continuously was five hours in one day.

While we did the exercises, some people would come over to take flyers and sign the petition. Some people even asked to learn the exercises. Others would want to tell us “thank you” and shake our hands. The more concerned would offer us folding chairs, warm clothes, or even money – once, a homeless person even tried to donate money to us.

There is a pure and kind heart inside each of these people, and these people's actions are the gift Master sends to encourage us. And all this would've never happened if we had stayed at home to exercise.

Of course there is also interference such as dogs barking, insects biting, loud music playing, cars honking, as well as drunk people and people who cursed at us. But through these, we were able to eliminate our attachments to fear, comfort, fighting, suspicion, and complaining.