(Minghui.org) Some of our Fa-study group members shared their cultivation experiences early in 2017.

Among them, Ms. Zhang is an elderly practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2002. She said she didn't know how to cultivate at the beginning. As a result, she followed other practitioners rather than following the Fa.

During our sharing, Ms. Zhang talked about discovering her shortcomings after looking inward. She also apologized to other practitioners for always complaining about others. When practitioners heard her sharing, they all smiled to encourage her.

An older practitioner told about how when she was putting up a truth-clarification sticker, she was seen by a policeman and ended up being taken to the police station. When she was asked to sign the interrogation document, she instead wrote, “Falun Dafa is good.”

The police officer asked, “What are you doing? Why did you write this?” She said she did so because she was a practitioner of Falun Dafa, and this was all she knew how to write.

She thought to herself: If they ask me to sign it again, I'll do the same thing. It turned out that the police didn't ask her to sign again—instead, they told her to go home the next day.

Another practitioner shared how he made a breakthrough in terms of being able to make phone calls to Chinese citizens to help them learn about Falun Dafa. He said that when he saw other practitioners making phone calls, he wanted to be part of that activity, but always felt something holding him back. As soon as he wanted to make a phone call, he immediately became nervous.

He described how one practitioner dialed a number and handed him the phone. He couldn't speak as his voice and hands were shaking so much. The practitioner then encouraged him to dial another number. He made the call, and the recipient decided to quit the Communist party while on the phone.

He felt that Teacher was encouraging him, which made him feel more and more confident over time. The more phone calls he made, the more comfortable he became, and the more people decided to quit the Party. He said his compassion also came through while making phone calls to people.

Since then, he has been making phone calls every day. He feels very happy and has truly come to feel the joy of saving people.

Another practitioner shared about a time when her friends, also a married couple, came to her home for dinner. She said she talked to them about Falun Dafa and helped them quit their memberships in the Party.

When the couple first arrived, the husband's face was red and swollen. After he listened to the practitioner and recognized the goodness of Falun Dafa, his face appeared less ruddy and the swelling was gone.

A few days later, the wife called to tell this practitioner that her husband had changed a great deal after their visit. He began to take better care of her, and he stopped swearing at people. Also, a previous stomach problem went away, enabling him to eat well and do some heavy work at home.

The wife kept thanking the practitioner. The practitioner replied, “If you want to thank someone, please thank my Teacher Li Hongzhi. It was because you learned the truth that you obtained good fortune.”

Ms. Chen talked about going to a nearby county to clarify the facts and deliver truth-clarification calendars. After the people heard the facts about Falun Dafa, they all decided to withdraw their memberships from the Party. Some of them even used their real names.

When she finished handing out all her calendars, there were still some people waiting to get some. So she decided to go home and get more calendars. When she came back, those workers told her that as soon as she left, a few police officers came by but they had just left.

A senior practitioner said that her husband was strongly against her practicing Falun Dafa. He often used violence to try to force her to stop cultivating. He went from using knives or threatening divorce, to kneeling down and begging her. But nothing changed her mind.

She described once having an extremely high fever and that she recovered because she believed in Falun Dafa. Her husband's attitude changed after that.

Ms. Wang shared about being in a car accident that injured her face and loosened some of her teeth. The driver was petrified and asked to take her to the hospital.

She refused to go and told him, “I'm a Falun Dafa cultivator, so I am fine. Please do not worry about me.” The driver gave her husband 1,000 yuan to partially cover any medical expenses she might have later.

When she learned about the money the next day, she had it returned right away. The driver was touched and said, “I met a very kind person.”

Ms. Wang took this opportunity to clarify the facts to him and his family. Within just a few days, her face healed and her teeth were no longer loose. Through this, her family members witnessed the miraculousness of Dafa.

Ms. Liu described that when she studied Falun Dafa with other senior practitioners, she was sometimes uncomfortable because she thought that their enlightenment quality was not very high, and they often chatted about everyday matters.

Over time, Ms. Liu began to realize the good points of those practitioners, such as having fewer human notions, being very straightforward, and being cooperative. She said that helping them edit their experience sharing articles touched her the most.

Through that work, she got to see their bright sides. She completely changed her thinking. From then on, every time she saw these practitioners she felt very close to them. She said that Teacher removed her negative thoughts.

Now, practitioners from our Fa-study group are memorizing and reciting Zhuan Falun after the Fa study every day. Each person recites a paragraph. Through doing this, practitioners have improved a great deal.

They felt that their thought karma was reduced, so they are able to be more focused in studying the Fa, feel less sleepy, and are able to keep their palms erect while sending righteous thoughts.

All of these cultivation stories were very moving. In the end, practitioners talked about what they would do in the coming year. Some of their ideas included comparing cultivation states with one another, doing the three things well, looking inward unconditionally during conflicts, cultivating diligently, and saving more sentient beings.