(Minghui.org) I have noticed among practitioners that, when others point out their shortcomings, mistakes, or attachments, many react by giving excuses or trying to deflect the criticism in some say.

Very few practitioners can calmly and humbly accept criticism, look inward, acknowledge their attachments, or admit their mistakes.

Why is this? Maybe they feel that it would make them look inferior if they acknowledged their mistakes. Perhaps they are afraid of “losing face,” are a bit vain, have high self-esteem, or feel hurt when being criticized.

Most practitioners do not like to be criticized, and it is an attachment that is deeply rooted. Some know they are wrong, but they do not want others to talk about it. And if others mention it, they either don't admit to it, argue about it, or look for excuses.

Although some practitioners are able to take criticism, they cannot calmly accept it or acknowledge their mistakes. They often get upset or are not happy about being criticized.

I think a practitioner is extraordinary if he can calmly admit his mistakes and accept others' criticism. That is a sign that he has elevated his xinxing and cultivation level.

If a practitioner has the courage to acknowledge that he has made a mistake, it is an indication that he is raising his xinxing level, and other practitioners should not mock him. On the contrary, they should think he is cultivating well.

Why then do some practitioners try to defend their mistakes or even lie about them? I think it has to do with one's ability to understand the Fa.

I sincerely hope that those practitioners can rectify themselves, because being able to admit one's wrongdoing is a sign that one is elevating one's cultivation level.