(Minghui.org) When a practitioner talked to a man about Falun Dafa and the persecution, the man said, “I'm the section chief of a telecommunications company. You need to be careful, as all your phones are being monitored.”

The section chief then explained how practitioners are being monitored. “We have business connections with the Public Security and State Security systems. We provide the monitoring technology, and they give us the list of practitioners, their family members, and the relatives they have the most contact with.

“The information is then loaded onto the monitoring system, and displayed like a WeChat group. When you make a phone call, a light will flash and send an alarm. The system will show your name, the recipient's name, your location, and the conversation.

“Our company immediately forwards the information to the Domestic Security Division. Things are different now. The Public Security Bureau has their own network, and it's even easier for them to monitor practitioners.”

Many practitioners in our area have been arrested in recent years, and almost all of them were arrested because their phone calls were being monitored.

Last year, several practitioners went to a village to distribute pamphlets about Falun Dafa and the persecution. One practitioner called another practitioner, and they agreed to meet at the usual location. She then left the phone at home.

The police gathered the information, and positioned themselves on three different roads leading to the meeting location. All the practitioners were arrested and sentenced.

A practitioner's relative and her friend went out of town to purchase goods. They stopped by Beijing and went to Tiananmen Square to do some sightseeing. As soon as they arrived at the square, a police officer walked toward the relative, and searched her coat pockets and backpack.

Some practitioners in our area do not pay attention to mobile phone safety. They take their phones everywhere they go – during experience sharing, while they visit other practitioners, and when they distribute informational material.

When others remind them to be careful, they say that others are afraid and lack righteous thoughts.

The bad elements are constantly targeting those who are not careful. We really need to pay attention to this issue.

I'm sharing this situation to caution fellow practitioners.