(Minghui.org) Similar to many other cultures, New Year is the most important date in China as it symbolizes the beginning of a new era and renewed hope. The celebration often starts several days before the lunar Chinese New Year and continues 15 days after (Lantern Festival).

Here we share three poems from practitioners in mainland China, in which are expressed the season's greetings, and especially, profound gratitude towards Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa.

Testimony of Determination

Reincarnation after reincarnation we live in this earthly world,as if in a trance as we keep fighting for fame and self interest;Fortunately finding the Great Way and bathed in Master's compassion,we delve into solid cultivation with no hesitation or slacking off.

Trapped in human notions and attachments as we persevere along the way,it is the Fa that leads us to overcome tribulation after tribulation;Letting go of selfishness and saving sentient beings to fulfill our mission,we pay no attention to how many winters may lie ahead.

To the Revered Master

Dancing snowflakes bringing another traditional season,as thousands and millions of plum blossoms represent our sincere gratitude to Master;Burning incense rising higher and higher like our respect for the divine,passages and passages of Minghui articles record our solid steps returning to the origin.

With smiles we tell people the benefits of Falun Dafa,the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance leading them to eternal peace and happiness;The Rooster crows announcing the break of dawn,rain of flowers coming in all directions welcoming the Revered Master.

Across the Ocean

Across the ocean I miss the Master,bringing me out of the maze and leading me to self-improvement;Cloud and wind please carry the greetings from my heart,forever indebted for the compassionate salvation and sacrifice.

Eighteen years of brutal persecution is too long,the red dragon is doomed, with the ending of lies and horror;Thousands years of civilization passing down through today,as Falun Dafa transcends the world and offers blessings around the globe.