(Minghui.org) I have noticed improprieties by practitioners on their personal social media pages and hope that more practitioners will pay attention to these issues.

Using Master's Portrait as One’s Profile Picture

I have seen some Facebook and QQ accounts that feature Master's portrait, the Falun symbol, the words “Falun Dafa,” or exercise instruction photos.

The Notice from the Falun Dafa Association published on the Minghui website in February 2015 has addressed this issue. However, some practitioners ignore it. Of course, those accounts may have been created by CCP agents. If they were created by practitioners, however, it would be highly irrational.

Circulating Articles About Supernormal Abilities from Unknown Sources

Some practitioners have strong attachments to supernormal abilities. They try to collect articles on this topic from all kinds of sources, which makes it impossible to guarantee the content’s purity and credibility. Some of them come from unknown sources, different qigong schools, and people controlled by the old forces.

If one promotes such articles on his or her social media account, non-practitioners would find the poster irrational. This creates obstacles for saving people and may cause some to lose the opportunity to be saved.

Nowadays, people have very low understandings of the divine. Many of those articles are unbelievable. People who read them would not be interested in learning more about Dafa. This also includes articles written by practitioners that are meant to circulate only among practitioners. These type of articles may feed into the Communist Party's propaganda that practitioners are mentally disturbed.

Our mission is to clarify the truth. Thus, we need to give serious thought to this issue based on the Fa–how to clarify the truth to people and save them.

Articles published on the Minghui website focus on the basic truths and talk about principles at the surface level, which people can easily accept. This is the principle that we should follow.

The articles on supernormal abilities discuss a different side of practitioners, so we should be careful when using them to clarify the truth. It may be fine to share them with some people who have high enlightenment quality and who already know the basic truth of Dafa.

The key is that we must choose our materials based on people's level of understanding. For the general public, all we need to do is to tell them the basic facts. I think the best approach is to give them the links to the Dafa websites and let them choose the articles they wish to read.

Dangers of the Show-Off Mentality

These articles can also come from malicious websites and those who used to cultivate but left Dafa and were manipulated by the evil due to their self-centered attachments.

These people misrepresent Dafa and made changes to promote themselves. Some of them belong to the category described by the Minghui editorial articles, “Editorial: Put an End to Plagiarizing and Undermining the Fa” and “Editorial: Are You a Cultivator? (With a Comment from Master)”.

Some of these people have a strong attachment to themselves. When their articles were not published on the Minghui website, they promoted them in social media, forums, and WeChat.

Instead of remembering what Master has told practitioners, some respect these people and even admire them. Actually, some of these people do not even reach the basic criteria for practitioners, such as not smoking or drinking. They enjoy being admired while talking about inconceivable things. They don't know that they are destroying themselves and sentient beings.

Some practitioners are involved in senseless gossip, hearsay, or rumors. Due to the indoctrination by the Party, some practitioners like to brag about their relationship with such and such practitioners who are close to Master, or their relationship with a Dafa association staff member. Their purpose is to show off among practitioners.

Practitioners who have been affected by the persecution understand that our own cultivation state is very important when clarifying the truth. Only when we keep ourselves pure can we break through the difficulties and will Master give us wisdom. Maybe a plain sentence or action of ours will move people's hearts and change their attitude towards Dafa.

The opportunity to cultivate is precious. Irrational people not only interfere with themselves but also help the evil destroy people. The sin is enormous.