(Minghui.org) I used to suffer from many ailments, including arthritis and inflammation of the kidneys and the lining of the stomach. Shortly after I began to practice Falun Dafa in July of 1999, they all went away.

Talking to People about Dafa in Beijing

Fellow practitioners and I went to Beijing in December 2001 to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. Just before arriving in Beijing, police officers started to check identity cards. As they got closer to us, a military officer began to argue with them. We recited a teaching of Falun Dafa. They checked the row in front of us, the row behind us, and the people on our left, but they did not check us. It seemed we were protected.

As soon as we arrived in Beijing, we went to the Appeals Office. We gave our letters to the police, who told us to enter the office. The atmosphere was very peaceful.

The police officer asked us to document our reasons for being there. I documented the improvement in my health as a result of practicing Falun Dafa and then put the letter on the table.

I walked around and found that the door was locked. I thought: “We cannot stay here, otherwise I cannot study the Fa. I have to go home.” I pulled the door, and it opened. I looked around and did not see anybody. I called the other practitioners to come with me and opened the second door and the third door. After that, we successfully made it out of the four large iron gates and returned home.

It is really not easy to cultivate, and I feel that having any fear will make it harder to improve. However, it becomes easier when one lets go of life and death.

Witnessing the Power of Dafa

The teachings of Falun Dafa tells me that practitioners should be unselfish and consider others first. Thus, I always help other practitioners whenever possible.

Ally (pseudonym) lost the environment for group practice, so her health deteriorated. She coughed and lacked the strength to go upstairs. We helped her in the hopes that she would recover.

Bella (pseudonym), and I studied with Ally for more than a month, but Ally's health did not improve. I was worried that Ally's health would worsen and leave a negative impression on Dafa, so I asked her son to take his mother to the hospital, but she refused to go.

She knelt in front of their picture of the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, and said, “It is all my fault that everyone is so worried.” Amazingly, she recovered a few days later. We witnessed the power of Dafa and became more determined in our cultivation.

Bella (pseudonym) and I are neighbors who associated before we started on our cultivation path. Because she was illiterate, other practitioners and I studied Falun Dafa teachings with her. By reading with us, she learned how to read.

Bella's younger son died of illness in 2001 and her husband died a few years later. Practitioners did not go to her home, but I did and studied the Fa with her.

Cooperating to Rescue Practitioners

Many fellow practitioners have been arrested and taken to brainwashing or detention centers. The practitioners in our area cooperated to rescue them.

When Cathy (pseudonym) was persecuted in a brainwashing center, I talked to her daughter, told her the facts about Falun Dafa, and asked her to help me rescue Cathy. When the guard refused to let us enter the brainwashing center, I asked her to call out for her mother. Somebody then told us that Cathy was not there. We went to the brainwashing centers in our area until we found her. Cathy’s family and I petitioned on her behalf until she was released.

Dee (pseudonym) is a young girl, who was taken to a brainwashing center. Her grandmother asked me to demand that she be released. At the brainwashing center, some people recognized me and demanded to know why I was there and what was my relationship with her. They arrested the grandmother and me, but since many people witnessed the arrest, they released us.

Eva (pseudonym) was illegally arrested and her home ransacked. The police confiscated many things from her house. Another practitioner and I went to her home. When Eva’s husband complained, we just listened, and I held positive thoughts in my heart for him. Then his attitude changed and he apologized.” We talked for a long time and told him not to bribe the officers. His wife was released soon after.

Bella (pseudonym) was once illegally detained in the local police station. I called her son after I heard about it. He and the rest of his family visited the station four times to get her released.

During the process of rescuing fellow practitioners, I only thought of how to rescue them and did not think that anything could happen to me.