(Minghui.org) I often log into the social media site “Facebook” to post articles to promote the website for our Dafa project. Also very often, I become distracted by other people's posts and thus waste a lot of time.

I had a very clear dream one night. In the dream, a big demon who had been sealed off and locked down for thousands of years was released to destroy the human world. It ordered pests to abduct people. People were running and hiding but couldn't find a safe place.

I was running around looking for a safe place, too. I then saw some fellow practitioners being abducted by the pests, while some ordinary people were not harmed. As I was wondering about the reason for this odd scene, a friend of mine who is a practitioner was dragged away, passing by me. She was arguing with the pests that she had helped the demon before so she should not be harmed.

Hearing this, I started to wonder if I had helped the demon. Then I woke up with a clear realization that I had some loopholes in my cultivation.

Later that day, I logged into Facebook as usual and was preparing to post some articles submitted by a fellow practitioner. However, the practitioner was not online yet so I had nothing to post. Unaware of how long a time had passed, I browsed and read posts from other people.

Thinking of my odd dream again, I saw that the practitioner arguing with the pests in the dream was the practitioner providing me with articles. I also realized that the practitioners abducted by pests in the dream were practitioners outside of mainland China who had access to popular social media websites.

I shared my dream with this practitioner. She was surprised after hearing about it. She admitted that she was interfered with frequently and could maintain a diligent cultivation state only for a couple of days. As soon as she browses social media websites and reads posts by ordinary people, her cultivation states deteriorates and she slacks off.

She shared with me that her understanding about social media is that we should use them as tools to save people. If we don't make good use of them or are dragged into them, it will destroy our cultivation.

Here I want to share my dream with fellow practitioners and warn practitioners who are still using social media not to read posts from ordinary people. Don't log into social media if not using these platforms for saving people.

Many of the posts on social media websites contain negative elements. The appearance of these posts in other dimensions are those of demons or pests.

Master has endured huge suffering to postpone the Fa-rectification process in order to give us more time to save people. If we waste our time browsing social media sites, we will fail to live up to Master's trust in us.