(Minghui.org) The 14th China Fahui has concluded. In the past few days, I read many of these sharing articles and was very touched.

Becoming More Diligent

This China Fahui included a total of 38 articles. In them I saw strong determination, pure minds, and the selfless compassion of fellow practitioners. I could sense the profoundness and sacredness of Dafa, as well as Master Li Hongzhi's enormous compassion.

Other practitioners I talked with said they also felt motivated through reading these articles. When I thought about it further, I came to understand that the practitioners who wrote these sharing papers did well because they held the Fa in their hearts. When they met the requirements at certain levels, they gained power from the Fa. In comparison, I tend to slack off, which is related to insufficient Fa-study. Without a clear understanding of the Fa, it is difficult to make progress while holding many human notions.

As a young practitioner, I am inclined to laziness and am attached to comfort. Despite many years of cultivation, I have not made sufficient breakthroughs with this, or in clarifying the truth to people. Reading articles by other practitioners describing how they continue to tell others the facts about Falun Dafa to debunk the defamatory propaganda regardless of intense summer heat or winter cold, I felt ashamed.

In particular, some examples were included describing how physician practitioners like me could make use of many opportunities to tell people the facts about Dafa at their workplaces. I have done very poorly in this area, and I need to do better.

In the past I had a strong attachment to results when doing things. I felt that if I did well, things would immediately change for the better. I had a very strong attachment to pursuit when doing things. From other practitioners' sharing articles I saw how they did things without pursuit. In fact, many of our changes start from these small things, and all of them are tests of our xinxing.

Validating the Fa, Not Ourselves

I often thought I had done very poorly and felt guilty or ashamed. When the China Fahui was calling for papers this time, I also heard some practitioners say that they did not have much to write.

When reading the published articles, I noticed that some of the things they wrote about were not necessarily big things. But in their daily life activities, the practitioners' xinxing and cultivation status can be seen. Since I am also practicing Dafa, I hope that other practitioners like me can also write experience sharing articles. This is not only for ourselves, but to validate the Fa.

Above are my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.