(Minghui.org) A cultivator's realm should have strong energy to suppress bad thoughts from others. I believe that being pursued or harassed by someone may sometimes be a reflection of wrong thoughts in our own minds.

An incident four years ago made me realize that righteous thoughts can indeed suppress everyday people's minds. I work for a prestigious institute. All my colleagues are well educated with good manners, and they all maintain a nice appearance. One day, we recruited a male programmer from another company. He was chubby, not attractive, and always chatted with young female colleagues at length. I disliked him. I wore a dress to work one day during the summer. The way he stared at me made me feel very uncomfortable. I complained to my husband after I came home. We concluded that it was caused by lust in my own thoughts. “If he were good-looking, would I feel so uncomfortable?” I asked myself. Obviously, I had lust.

After a period of time, my ten-year-old daughter made a poster about the great cultural revolution in China. When we looked at the poster in my office, we asked the new colleague for feedback, since he happened to be around. He was shocked by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) evil that was exposed on the poster. We used the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to him. I was full of compassion at the time and did not even think about his looks. He has since always respected me and never again looked at me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

Having Righteous Thoughts

From this incident, I learned that when our thoughts are righteous and noble, people will not have bad thoughts. It always helps to look inward when unpleasant things happen.

I have given about 200 public talks to clarify the truth to mainstream society over the past six years. I have found that the interactions with a total of 3,000 audience members have been a reflection of my cultivation state.

It was five years ago when I gave a talk to a fairly large club. The mayor and a city council member were among the audience members. The social status of this group excited me. The club president asked for my contact information and promised to introduce me to the largest club in my city. But soon he started to harass me via email and phone. Very frightened, I never responded. About six months later, the harassment stopped.

Finding My Attachment

I realized that I was paying more attention to people with a good appearance and education. That was a manifestation of the attachment of lust. I believe that these wrong thoughts triggered the harassment.

Upon finding these attachments, I strengthened my Fa study and exercises, and, gradually, this notion weakened a bit.

About 18 months ago, after I gave another talk, a male audience member came to me and politely asked if I would accept his admiration because he was deeply attracted to me. I smiled and said that I couldn't and that I was already married. He left, a bit embarrassed, and never contacted me again.

I have since given more than 100 talks and have never had a problem again. I am confident that righteous thoughts can suppress lust from audience members, and they will admire the courage of Dafa practitioners instead of admiring me as a woman. As a married practitioner, no matter how well I dress or look, others should not have thoughts of lust when they see me, even if they don't know my marital status.

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