(Minghui.org) I recently had a terrible vision while sending forth righteous thoughts: the whole country of Norway sank into the sea when the Fa rectified the human world. I was startled as I looked down from the sky. I asked, “Why did it end up like this?” A voice told me, “It serves as a lesson for people of the future.” I was surprised to hear that the cultivation path of Dafa practitioners in Norway would end up being a lesson for people in the future. I immediately realized that it was an arrangement by the old forces, who took advantage of many practitioners' failure to look within. The vision is unveiled when the Fa-rectification is close to the end. It must be an alarm for us Dafa practitioners in Norway!

I thought about what led us to such a dangerous situation. Haven't we been studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth? I realized that we can't save sentient beings if we don't look within. If we don't look within, everything will end up in vain no matter how much we have done.

It reminds me of another vision I saw a few years ago. I was meditating one day, when I saw a ditch coming down from the sky. It made a sudden steep slope and dropped a huge amount of trash. I immediately realized that the old forces took advantage of the gaps between fellow practitioners and dumped degenerated matter into our dimensional field. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the meddling deities, and saw the trash vanish right away, but the empty ditch was still hanging down from the sky.

I discussed what I saw with my fellow practitioners. We thought that sending forth righteous thoughts was pretty effective to eliminate the interference from the old forces at that time. However, we didn't realize that the ditch was left there. The gap between practitioners in Norway became a channel for the downpour of degenerate matter. The ditch has been fortified by our human notions due to lack of solid cultivation. Master alerted us about it a few years ago.

Over the past ten years, the number of Dafa practitioners in Norway hasn't been large. However, as the coordinators had conflicts with each other, the conflicts between practitioners arose and deepened. Very few practitioners have looked within. Some don't even know how to look within. Some even became detestable in others' eyes; we haven't become one body.

The old forces took advantage of practitioners' loopholes and attachments to pull us down. Some practitioners left the group. The total number of practitioners got smaller and smaller for various reasons. Those who remained haven't paid enough attention to the situation or looked inward.

The old forces then resorted to taking life. Some fellow practitioners passed away. The rest still didn't look inward. Some even found fault with those who had experienced tribulations or died. They didn't realize that the old forces mean to destroy the cosmos, including every single practitioner and all sentient beings. While I wrote this article, I heard that another fellow practitioner passed away. If we don't wake up and correct ourselves, the whole of Norway may not survive.

Master has told us:

“In other words, it's no big deal if human attachments come out as we cultivate ourselves. What's key is that everyone handles himself as a cultivator, and when problems come along, you look inside. If everyone can do that, the cultivation state of that area is sure to be great and conflicts are sure to be few.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference VI)

Based on my understanding of the Fa, I would like to point out the following:

1. We have to hurry up and solidly cultivate ourselves. Looking within is the key to cultivation that Master has given us.

2. We have to know clearly that the target of the old forces is all people in Norway, not just a few fellow practitioners.

3. We should send forth righteous thoughts, and with strong determination, eliminate the old forces that have been making mischief between us.

4. Let's form an indestructible one body as quickly as possible by looking within, save sentient beings and accomplish what Master would like to accomplish.

Finally, let's review Master's teaching:

“For a cultivator, cultivation is to cultivate oneself. Pressures coming from outside the group of Dafa disciples are tests and opportunities to advance diligently; conflicts and pressures coming from within the group of Dafa disciples are tests and opportunities to advance diligently as well. With the exception of Master, everyone among you is a cultivator. Whether you are doing well or poorly are all manifestations of your cultivation states, and no one is an exception. With gaps, human notions, and attachments, you will not be able to walk well your future path. A cultivator will always be cultivating oneself, and any tiny change in the human heart is an improvement, which all Gods are able to see. Cultivation is not done for Dafa, and saving people is not done for Dafa either. Cultivation is a guarantee that a life will head toward Consummation; saving people is an expression of a cultivator’s compassion, as well as a responsibility when sentient beings are in critical danger. Let go of your attachments that are too many and too strong, and walk well your own path—this process is your way.” (“A Congratulatory Message to the European Fa Conference”)