(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master, and fellow practitioners:

I am 71 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa 18 years ago, at the age of 53. I have only an elementary school education, but that does not affect my cultivation.

Since I began to practice Falun Dafa, Master has been taking care of me and has helped me overcome many obstacles.

Recovering from Illnesses

Life was very difficult before I obtained the Fa. I had suffered from several illnesses since childhood – headaches, asthma, nasal allergy, and hives. I remember that when I was pregnant at the age of 27, I was always out of breath because I had to carry a toddler on my back. I had a cold after giving birth, and since then, I would shiver in the wind, and I needed to wear layers of clothes in bed, even under a heavy comforter. This lasted until I was 53 years old.

My husband died that year and I suffered from memory loss and forgetfulness. I often forgot to turn off the stove before I left the house. Therefore, my aunt suggested that I would benefit from practicing Falun Dafa.

After I had obtained the Fa, I went though many illness episodes that resolved themselves within a few days as I continued to study the Fa diligently and do the exercises.

I regained my memory, and recovered from my illnesses. Although I came down with a headache one day, it disappeared after three days, because I believed in Master and the Fa.

When I woke up one midnight, I was out of breath. I studied the Fa for half an hour and could then sleep peacefully. After three days of such episodes, I was fine.

Whenever on the way to the Fa-study site, a bout of allergy would recur. I ignored it and gradually it subsided. Then, my tonsils hurt, but I refused to see a doctor, and the pain just stopped.

I experienced abdominal cramps one day while cooking, and I repeatedly fainted and regained consciousness. After I took a shower, my cramps subsided.

Then, I had a hives attack. The swollen bumps covered my entire body, including my face. The itching was so unbearable that I had couldn't not scratch them. My granddaughter begged me to see a doctor. I also talked to some practitioners who suggested remedies such as aloe or rubbing the bumps with salt. Nothing helped but instead caused more severe pain.

On the third day, I realized that I was looking outward and not inward. I did not study more of the Fa, and did not truly believe in Master and the Fa. That night after I studied two lectures in Zhuan Falun, I said to Master that I had not slept for two days, and I was really sleepy. After less than an hour's nap, the hives were gone.

I told my granddaughter that the hives disappeared because I practice Falun Dafa and suggested that she also cultivate with me.

Master said,

“The human body is like the annual rings of a tree, whereby each ring contains sickness-karma. So your body must be cleansed from the very center. Were karma to be pushed out all at once, however, you wouldn’t be able to take it, as it would endanger your life. Only a piece or two can be pushed out every once in a while, allowing you to overcome it and pay for your karma through suffering. But this is only that little bit left for you yourself to endure after I have eliminated karma for you.” (“Sickness Karma” from Essentials For Further Advancement)

Recovery from Accidents

I worked as a cleaning lady. In the second month after I took up Falun Dafa, I accidentally got a cut. I hurried to work and forgot about the wound. The next day the cut had completely disappeared without any treatment. This experience has set a foundation for my belief in Master.

Once, I did not pay attention to the remaining hot water in the tank when cleaning the hot-water dispenser. The hot water splashed onto my wrist and feet. I briefly soaked the areas with cold water and continued to work. Then, I noticed that my arm was bruised and there were lesions on the skin of my toes by that evening. I ignored it and the next day I went to a parade calling to bring Jiang Zemin to justice. When I returned home that evening, the injuries were gone.

When I hit the emergency brake on my motorcycle I skidded a few meters and fell. A passersby wanted to call an ambulance. I refused despite my injured hands and went to work. Within one day the wound was nearly completely healed.

I fell from a height of 12 feet in January 2009 and broke my arms, legs and hip. The first hospital refused to take me. A big hospital accepted me but would not operate until the next day. I was in great pain but had to endure it.

I begged Master to help me do well during the operation. After I was taken to surgery, the surgeon suggested that he do the operation in one go as I was doing very well. I returned home after 11 days in the hospital. I was bedridden, but decided to make truth-clarifying phone calls through the global RTC platform. When off the phone, I read Master's lectures.

Then, I decided that I had to get up. It took a long time to stand, as well as beingable to sit. But, I persevered. My son borrowed a pair of crutches and I started to learn to walk. I even went to the Shen Yun performance in Taichung on March 17.

Master has protected me. Without Master, I would not have lived. My life would have been over. I will continue my belief in Master, and be more diligent in studying the Fa.

Dealing with Family Problems

My son and daughter-in-law were thinking of having an abortion in 2008 for they had already four kids. I said, “This is killing – it can’t be done.” My son told me that I would have to take responsibility for the child.

I told him, “I am willing to pay for childcare until she enters kindergarten.” My son told me, “You saved the baby’s life; if you want to teach her Falun Dafa, I have no objection.”

Master said, “But normally when a problem arises, if it does not irritate you psychologically, it does not count or is useless and cannot make you improve.” (Zhuan Falun)

My son told his son three years ago that I did not give him my property. Thus, if anything happened to me, he would not notify any of my friends or relatives. I did not respond at the time, but told my daughter-in-law the next day, “I am the one paying all the bills, but he said otherwise.” My tears came down as I was saying this; obviously, I did not pass the test.

Then, while sharing with a practitioner I realized that my anger showed that not only did I not let go of my sentimentality, I also acknowledged the old force’s tactics of trying to damage my physical health. Now I know that I must negate everything if I face a similar situation in the future.

Clarifying the Truth

I go to Hong Kong and to Alishan to clarify the facts about Dafa. I also make phone calls to China at the Fa study site. Every time I go to Hong Kong, I stay for a month or two. During one trip to Hong Kong, I strained my back three times. I overcame this tribulation by doing the Dafa exercises.

During a parade in Hong Kong, my knees were very painful. When I almost fell, I told myself that I must stay strong and I asked Master to strengthen me. I had less pain in my knees and finished the entire parade.

I recalled my trip to Manhattan in 2005 for clarifying the truth. When the weather turned bad, I would remind myself that Master is here for the Fa-rectification, and I am here to assist Master. Then, the weather would quickly turn nice. Our thoughts are very important.

Opportunities don’t come a second time. The Fa-clarification event in Manhattan is over. Now Master is giving us another opportunity to save sentient beings – the Fa-rectification in Hong Kong. We must use every opportunity!

(Presented at the 2017 Taiwan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)