(Minghui.org) Greetings Master, and fellow practitioners.

I am a 15-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Changhua who has practiced alongside her parents from a young age.

When I first learned Zhuyin, also known as bopomofo, a system that represents Mandarin sounds, at the pre-Kindergarten age, my parents used it to teach me to read Zhuan Falun.

Everyone present at the group Fa-study on Monday evenings would take his or her turn to read. Mom told me, “Since you can read Zhuan Falun on your own, you should also try to read out loud in the group environment.”

When it was my turn, I was very nervous. I pointed at the words, looked closely at every character, and read loudly. I was the youngest in the Fa study group. When my two elder sisters saw how brave I was, they also let go of their fear and read aloud. During the large group Fa study, my parents signed us up for the children’s group, and my mother would join us for Fa study and the exercises.

School Is a Cultivation Environment for Students

When I was in first grade, my teacher told my mother during the parent-teacher conference, “Your daughter is different from other kids. When I was lecturing those naughty kids and lost my temper, I would get back to normal when I turned around and saw her smile.” Later, when I asked my mother to tell the teacher not to get mad so often with the naughty kids, the teacher said, “I will change and try not to berate the kids.”

Master said,

“When an evil-minded person is thinking of something bad, this person might change his mind due to the powerful effect of your field; he might then no longer want to commit the wrongdoing. Perhaps a person wants to swear at someone. Suddenly, he may change his mind and will not want to swear. Only the energy field from cultivation practice in a righteous way can produce this effect.” (Zhuan Falun)

When I was in the third and fourth grades, I got addicted to television and computer games and was not diligent in Fa study and doing the exercises. My grades dropped and my relationship to others also suffered because of my competitive mentality. My parents thus said that only when my sisters and I finished our homework, Fa study and exercise before 8:00 p.m. could we do something else until 10:30 p.m.

Finally, in fifth grade I let go of my bad habits. One day, the teacher tried to call my family before a home visit, but no one was at home. The song, “Falun Dafa Is Good” was played as the ring tone. The next day, the teacher said, “Your family practices Falun Dafa. I have checked it out on the internet – Falun Dafa is nice.”

Doing the Exercises

When I just had started high school, my father said, “Would you like to get up at 4:30 a.m. to do the exercises? The air is fresh in the early morning, and good for doing the exercise.”

As my schoolwork impacted my Fa study and doing the exercises I agreed with my father. But my mother was worried that I might not get enough sleep.

Since then, I get up at 4:30 a.m. to do the exercises. Mother asked how I made the breakthrough. I said, “It’s just like an alarm clock, it rings automatically when it's time. When it becomes a habit, you won't hesitate to get up.” Now, mother also joins us for the morning exercises. To date, my performance and energy at school have not been affected, despite my getting up early for the exercises.

Introducing Falun Dafa to a Fellow Student

I talked to a fellow student about how much I have gained from my cultivation, such as the improvement of my xinxing, as well as good health. She has gotten to know me very well and believes that Dafa is good.

One evening she sent a text message, “I have read something that might be not true.” She was curious about Dafa and had searched the internet for information. I told her, “There are many websites that slander Dafa. You should never visit those websites. You can check out the Minghui website. It only publishes articles from true cultivators.”

Master said,

“Also, those of you here, whether you're a student or you have a job, none of you can neglect the role that you play in the ordinary people's society. You all have to do well in everything that you should do, and at the same time it makes things easier in your work of validating Dafa and clarifying the truth.” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

Understanding the Urgency of Exposing the Persecution

When in junior high, I participated in Falun Dafa “truth-clarification” projects, such as the mobile phone truth-clarification project, the celestial maidens dance group, introducing Dafa at Sun Moon Lake, and a major parade in Hong Kong.

One night, I had a dream. In the dream, I went into a retail store. Suddenly, all the windows and doors closed and it turned completely dark. Every door was guarded. Some men in black were chasing after customers. Those who were caught were taken into a cell, and never came out. I was frightened and was ready to retreat. But the guards seemed to realize that I knew something and started to chase after me. I ran to the exit which was wide open and not guarded. I quickly fled the scene.

When I told my mother about my dream she said, “The dream was telling you about what is happening in China today. It told you that practitioners are arrested, persecuted and even killed for their organs. Your safe escape was telling you to expose these crimes to save lives.”

These words reminded me of the urgency of saving people. Therefore, with my mother’s help, I joined the mobile phone truth-clarification project.

Truth Clarification Projects

A few years ago when my elder sister invited me to join the celestial maidens dance group in central Taiwan, I was not tall enough to fit into the dress. Thus, my mother raised my height with high heel white shoes, and I could take part in the Lantern Festival, the Zhen Shan Ren Art Exhibition, and Dafa parades.

In my last dance activity, I was in Hong Kong. Meeting local practitioners encouraged me in this activity. During the procession, my only thought was that people must learn the truth. With the smile on my face, I had no fear, and those who were holding placards that slandered Dafa seemed to forget their job and became quiet.

When I heard the Tian Guo Marching Band, I realized that this was a battle between good and evil, the demonstration of righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

I always looked forward to the monthly truth-clarification activity at Wen Wu Temple near Sun Moon Lake. Practitioners remained there despite the hot summer days and were firm in their Fa-validation activities. Tourists from many countries visit Sun Moon Lake. My sisters and I would either hold truth-clarification banners, do the exercises, or send forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes we would also join our parents in distributing truth-clarification materials to tourists.

When participating in a summer camp for young practitioners, I went to Sun Moon Lake for truth clarification. There were many young cultivators of my age, and some were even younger than I. Three young practitioners and I were assigned to Xuanguang Temple where we did the exercises. Our righteous thoughts emitted strong energy. Many Chinese tourists were drawn to us doing the exercises.

We sang the song “Coming for You,” hoping that the precious Chinese people can learn the truth.

Leaving Fear Behind

In the summer after junior high graduation, I joined the bi-weekly half-day Fa study at Chung-Hsing University with my elder sister. At one group sharing, a young practitioner of my age was sitting in front of me. I have known her since we were in the kids’ group. We re-connected and she agreed to join me in the young practitioners’ Fa study and sharing located in Taichung.

I used to go with my elder sister to Taichung. This was the first time I went by myself and I was nervous about the train ride. When I looked at the train schedule and destination, I got confused. But a phone call to my father was all that was needed and the train ride to Taichung went smoothly.

After the Fa study and sharing, a practitioner’s father gave me a ride to the Taichung train station. On the way home, I was worried again. Luckily, a local practitioner also showed up at the train station and I was not alone for the trip home. When waiting for the bus, foreign workers at the bus depot made me nervous again. Master seemed to know my fear. A fellow student showed up and I was no longer nervous. I believe that Master arranged these people to help me when I was at a loss and so I could eliminate my fear and worries.

Activities for young practitioners carried me through the summer and I have benefited tremendously.

The Zhen Shan Ren Cultivation Camp taught us how to live by Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and how to face tests with a positive attitude. The sharing of fellow participants was inspirational. The Young Students Camp helped me to be more diligent with daily Fa study, doing the exercises and truth clarification. I realize that the Fa will lead us to the right path.

(Presented at the 2017 Taiwan Fa Conference)