(Minghui.org) Fifty-seven Falun Gong practitioners in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province were arrested between October 8 and 25, 2017, either shortly before or after the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held on October 18.

The mass arrest was long in the making, as many of the targeted practitioners had been monitored by police for months. Two other residents who do not practice Falun Gong were also seized alongside the practitioners.

Many of the practitioners were seized while they were going about their lives. Ms. Zhang Hongzhu received a phone call on October 8 and was asked to go to the local social security office to give her fingerprints. She went, only to be seized the moment she arrived.

Ms. Ning Yanyun was seized on October 15 while going through security checks at Yushu Bus Station. Ms. Cui Yuzhu was arrested the next day at a local train station.

Ms. Li Ping lived with her friend in Harbin. The friend returned home on October 21 to find the whole place a big mess. Her laptop and Ms. Li’s laptop were gone, and so was her gold necklace. Ms. Li remains detained.

Below is the full list of the 59 arrested residents.

Shuangcheng District (17):

Meng JunWang YaliJiang XiaoyanHan EntongDajunWang XiaohuiZhao Shumin (released on the same day of arrest)Wang ZhiXuanyiLi JinfengWang Yihong (also known as Wang Jie)Zhou Yingqi (released on the same day of arrest)Ren LiminZou Mingyun (released on the same day of arrest)Liu Xiumei (released on the same day of arrest)Xu LirongLi Fei (now hospitalized)

Yongsheng Village (2): Li Hingwei and Yang Yunxia (released on the same day of arrest)

Shuiquan Village (1): Liu Guiping

Qingling Village (1): Qiao Yan

Yuejin Village (1): Guo Longquan

Sujiayao Village (4): Pan Hongqiu, Fang Yanhua, He Xuegang, and He Fengzhu

Wujiatown Village (3): Chou Zuofeng, Fan Ping, and Liu Jiyou

Dongguan Village (1): Chen Wanqiu (released on the same day of arrest).

Xiqin Village (2): Wen Shuangling and Liu Renjiang

Nongfeng Village (1): Fu Rao

Xinxing Village (2): Zhao Dezhong and Fu Wenqing

Xingfu Village (3): Wang Dongli and two elderly women (both released on the same day of arrest)

Lianxing Village (1): Guo Yurong

Lequn Village (3): He Guirong, Wang Xiumei, and Zhu He (released on the same day of arrest)

Gongzheng Village (1): Li Jinghua

Jincheng Village (2): Liu Guoshun and Han Guirong

Chaoyang Village (1): Lu Dianguang

Wanlong Village (1): Gu Chunhua

Nanjie (1): Shi Shuxia

Linjiang Village (1): Su Jie

Shangzhi City (4): Hou Xiaoyan, Zhang Shuzhi, Zhang Shulan and Hou Jibin (neither of them practices Falun Gong).

Yilan County (2): Song Yuzhi and Lu Huiwen

Harbin City (4): Ning Yanyun, Cui Yuzhu, Zhang Hongzhu, and Li Ping

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