(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. I have since always had faith in Master and the Fa, but could not let go of the attachment of fear. I could not even look directly at the “Public Security” signs on buses.

My sister was arrested in July 2016 for distributing informational brochures about Falun Dafa. Her home was ransacked. We hired an attorney and I decided to testify in court.

Eliminating the Attachment of Resentment

My sister was in close contact with another practitioner before her arrest. I asked that practitioner to help in rescuing my sister, but she refused and said nothing would help. This upset me, and I began resenting her, and questioned how she could be a Dafa practitioner.

The local coordinator said I was not in a righteous cultivation state, so I would probably not do well in rescuing my sister. He reminded me that practitioners do not hate.

Several practitioners also shared their experiences with me, but I still could not let go of my resentment. One practitioner then said, “Compassion can melt an iceberg.”

My heart was touched by her words and I broke into tears. I realized that there was no reason for me to not let go of my attachment.

Letting Go of Fear and Testifying in Court

With help from other practitioners, I testified in court for my sister. The trial ended without a verdict being issued, because of insufficient evidence. Yet, my sister was sentenced to three years in prison several days later. She then appealed her case to the intermediate court.

I went with my sister's attorney and other family members to meet the judge who handled her case, but he refused to listen to our appeal.

The intermediate court upheld the original verdict, but we did not give up, and continued with the appeal process. The appeal was submitted in January, and a court date was scheduled for August 2017.

Another practitioner and I prepared our testimony for my sister's hearing, but a couple of days before the court date, we were notified that only family members could testify. Additionally, other family members who were not testifying could not attend the hearing.

This meant that I would be alone in the courtroom. My attachment of fear surfaced, I became extremely nervous, and I could not eat or sleep well for several days.

I knew this was not a state a cultivator should be in. I began to recite“What’s to Fear?”from Hong Yin Volume I, and I gradually calmed down.

On the day of the hearing, I was calm, and told myself that I was doing the most righteous thing. Many practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts outside the courtroom to support me. One practitioner was somehow able to enter the courtroom and send forth righteous thoughts at close proximity.

I felt my righteous thoughts getting stronger. I read my testimony and advised the judges to not persecute practitioners, “Do not become Jiang Zemin's scapegoat. I wish all of you a bright future.”