(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Yihong and Mr. Han Entong are just two of the Falun Gong practitioners that police in the Shuangcheng District of Harbin City arrested on the morning of October 9.

Ms. Wang Yihong Arrested at Home and Taken Away

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Shuangcheng District Public Security knocked on the door of Ms. Wang Yihong's home at 8:00 a.m. on October 9, 2017. When Ms. Wang refused to open up, the police pulled off the peephole and attempted to break in.

They refused to leave and kept harassing Ms. Wang until she finally opened the door around 11:00 a.m. They arrested her and later took her to Yaziquan Detention Center in Harbin City. They confiscated two printers, many Falun Dafa books, and a desktop computer.

Ms. Wang Yihong, 42 (also known as Wang Jie) worked at the Shuangcheng District Epidemic Prevention Station. She got divorced over ten years ago and has had to raise her daughter and son on her own. Now that she has been arrested, there is no one to take care of them. Her daughter is in her first year of high school, while her son has special needs.

Mr. Han Entong Arrested at Home and His Home Ransacked

Mr. Han Entong was arrested by four police officers lying in wait in his apartment building as he left home early in the morning on October 9.

The police grabbed his keys, opened the door, and went in. They videorecorded each room and confiscated his Falun Dafa books, two printers, two notebook computers, one desktop computer, four USB drives, about 2,000 yuan, and other personal belongings.

That same evening, the police took Mr. Han to the Shuancheng District Detention Center.

When his case was submitted to the Public Security Department of Heilongjiang Province, he was described as a key target to monitor because he put up Falun Gong banners with other practitioners.

On October 20, the police informed Mr. Han's family that his arrest was approved and that the length of his prison sentence would be based on how much Falun Gong information had been saved on his computers.

The police officer who handled Mr. Han's case, Yang Rui, is a patrol officer from the Shuangcheng District Public Security.

Mr. Han's arrest left his mother-in-law and wife grief-stricken. Mr. Han, about 56 years old, worked for the Shuangcheng District residential community. He was a conscientious, well-respected employee.

He took good care of his father-in-law who'd suffered a stroke and was bedridden, treating him as his own father. His in-laws treated him as their own son.