(Minghui.org) Students haven't seen their teacher Ms. Hao Yueshan at their local tutoring center since October 8.

Ms. Hao and her father were illegally arrested on that day. The police also ransacked her home and confiscated her computer and cash. She is being held in Yaojia Detention Center and her 80-year-old father is in Daheishan Detention Center.

She was arrested because she refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. Countless Dafa practitioners have been arrested in China for telling people about the persecution they have faced since 1999.

Ms. Hao has been illegally detained many times because of her beliefs.

On July 6, 2012, she was arrested from home in the Dalian Development District and sentenced to four years in jail.

Before that, Ms. Hao ran a tutoring center. She was very personable and conscientious, so many students enrolled in her classes. Her students even won a national physics competition. Many of her students and their parents became her friends and kept in touch with her after graduation.

Ms. Hao was released in 2016 and found a position at a tutoring center in September 2017. After one trial class, the manager decided she was the right teacher and they wanted to keep her, but she was arrested again shortly after.

Ms. Hao's father has also been illegally detained several times for not giving up his beliefs. He has practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years. Even though he is in his 80s, he looks like he is in his 60s. Many of his health problems disappeared after he started practicing Falun Dafa.

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