(Minghui.org) My mother began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. When she asked me to do the exercises and study the Fa with her I followed along, but was only going through the motions and did not understand much about cultivation. The persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999, and I believed the lies and propaganda on television so I stopped practicing.

I got married years later and had a daughter. She often complained of having headaches when she was in primary school. We took her to see a doctor, but a diagnosis could not be made. My mother asked her to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” which she did daily. Before long, she stopped having headaches.

Resuming the Practice

I was so impressed that I decided to read Zhuan Falun and started to practice Falun Dafa again. I was exercising at home for more than two years before my mother helped me find a local Fa-study group.

Through intensive Fa-study I came to understand how fortunate practitioners are to be immersed in the universal Dafa. I also gained a better understanding of how to solidly cultivate. I could feel Master increasing my wisdom during the tribulations I encountered.

Looking Inward

While making phone calls to let people know about Dafa my phone would sometimes not work. I looked within to see where I was falling short in cultivation. The next time I tried making calls the phone started working again.

When a practitioner was making phone calls one day, the people she called couldn't hear her. The practitioner came to me for help, so I looked within. I realized that I was not thinking positively about this practitioner, and didn't want to work with her. I needed to eliminate these thoughts as she was a fellow practitioner. I should have only good thoughts about her. After realizing this, I turned on her phone and it worked perfectly!

Attending Fa-Study

Attending our Fa-study group has helped me to see where I needed to improve. One practitioner often read more paragraphs than the rest of us, which irritated me. I thought about it and realized that it was because of my attachment to self-interest.

I tried to ignore her behavior, but it still bothered me. After I completely let go of my attachment, she stopped reading extra paragraphs. Her problem had been the result of my attachment. I was grateful for this opportunity to improve.

Master's Compassionate Care

When I was able to see myself as a practitioner and use the Fa to guide my every word and action I could always feel Master's compassionate care.

For instance, when my daughter was preparing for her senior high school entrance exam I knew that I wouldn't be available to drive her to the examination hall, and was planning on calling a taxi.

As we were leaving our home that day, a car stopped in front of the house. It was a woman I knew. She told me that she was taking her son to the exam and would be happy to give my daughter a ride too.

I was so touched because I knew that Master was helping me. I can't fully express my gratitude, and have become even more determined to work diligently to do the three things well.

I have often been puzzled and confused during my cultivation. I have endured a lot of hardship and stumbled many times, but I am becoming clearer about the direction I am heading. With Master's protection I will walk my cultivation path well.