(Minghui.org) The 14th China Fahui on Minghui.org was held from November 8, 2017 to November 20. Thirty-eight sharing papers were selected and published this year.

The Minghui website has held this annual China online Fahui (experience-sharing conference) since 2004 as the persecution in mainland China has prevented practitioners there from holding a large-scale in-person conference.

Practitioners' pure and righteous cultivation stories greatly encourage and inspire practitioners around the world.

The following are some overseas practitioners' takeaways from reading China Fahui articles:

Requirements Inside and Outside of China Are the Same

Ms. Huang Zhijiao, who emigrated to Canada in 2008, had been through severe persecution in mainland China. She said that outside China, the environment is relatively relaxed, but the requirements for practitioners inside and outside of China are the same.

The Fahui article The Safest Place Is Where We Do The Three Things Well deeply impressed her. She said, “The author demonstrated his righteousness while being detained for practicing Falun Dafa. When the guards forbid illegally detained practitioners to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day, the author was the first one to dare to shout out in protest. The guards ordered two criminal inmates to repeatedly smash his head against the wall in an attempt to kill him. However, though the perpetrators ran out of breath from the beating, the author did not have a scratch on him. His head was not swollen and neither was he dizzy. It was like nothing happened. This and other miracles he experienced validate Dafa's magnificence and dignity.”

Ms. Huang continued sharing her understanding: “The more attachments we let go of and the purer we are, the more Dafa's power will manifest. My current project is mainly to clarify the facts to government staff. My confidence was lacking for a period of time due to a shortage of manpower, my limited capability, and outside pressure.”

“After reading this sharing paper, the miracles and fellow practitioner's broad mind inspired me,” said Ms. Huang. “The author said, 'The safest is that we do as Master requires of us.' I realized that if we truly do what Master has taught us to do, we will be able to help save more people.”

Western Practitioner: Reminded of the Importance of Believing in Master and the Fa

Western practitioner Kacey Cox, from Toronto, Canada, felt inspired by the article "My Cultivation Path." He said, “The author shared how she overcame fear with righteous thoughts while she was brutally tortured in prison. Even in such a circumstance, she still clarified the facts to guards and inmates until she was released. Fellow practitioner's sharing reminds me of the importance of having strong belief in Master and the Fa.”

He continued, “The article made me reflect on my current truth clarification work and reminded me of the preciousness of the opportunity and the importance of clarifying the facts. I was touched by the author's perseverance.”

Dafa Disciple in North America: Feeling the Power of Truth

Ms. Huang Yuemei found her strong attachment to comfort while reading: “Clarifying the Truth in Every Village of Our County”

Ms. Huang said, “The practitioners in the article visited many homes to tell them the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I live outside China, so I don't go from door to door to clarify the facts, but in the process of going about my truth-clarification project duties, I often felt tired and bitter. I had complaints in mind, forgot that I should have a heart of gratitude and became indifferent about saving people. Compared with the practitioners in this article, I feel ashamed.”

One experience the author described hit home with Ms. Huang: When the author and another practitioner were arrested for talking to people about the persecution of Falun Dafa, in the police car, they kept their righteous thoughts, feeling no fear and remaining unaffected, at the same time, they managed to talk to the police officers about Dafa and the persecution. The officers finally let the practitioners go.

Ms. Huang said, “Their experience helped me understand what Master taught us, that the facts are “...like a master key,” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV) that can unlock the knots in people's hearts.

Taiwan Practitioner: Finding Where We Fall Short

Mr. Bing Yin said he was touched by the article The Compassion of a Dafa Disciple that describes a practitioner who had a sense of urgency to help save more people. She risked her safety and went out to clarify the facts to people every day all year round, rain or shine. She treats sentient beings as her loved ones. Mr. Bing said, “I also thought of the principle of '...“the appearance stems from the mind.”' ("Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting" from Teaching the Fa at the Conference X)."

Mr. Bing understood that practitioners' mind-intent has energy, and the stronger the righteous thoughts, the more powerful the energy is. Just as practitioners who clarify the facts to tourists at tourists sites shared that regarding those whose attitude toward us is bad or who have misunderstandings about us, such as tour guides, police officers, drivers or other people, we should change our notions and think: “They came for the Fa, and they will change and support Dafa!”

“If every one of us has such a strong and determined thoughts, the environment can truly be changed,” said Mr. Bing.

Mr. Bing finally said, “I found the biggest shortcoming of mine in the pursuit of comfort. I must let it go and wholeheartedly take part in validating the Fa and saving people.”

Taiwan Practitioner: Letting Go of Hidden Resentment

Ms. Jin from Taiwan who works in the travel industry said practitioners in mainland China hold themselves to a high standard and she saw her own shortcoming while reading the conference articles.

She said she was especially moved by the article Letting Go of Resentment in 37 Days.

Ms. Jin said the author was illegally arrested at home and taken to the local police station this April. She clarified the facts to the judge and police officers and was released after 37 days of detention. A police officer, in particular, had participated in arresting and torturing the author numerous times over the past 17 years of the persecution. He also participated in this latest arrest of the author. The author initially resented this officer, but immediately realized her impure state of mind and completely let go of the resentment. Before leaving the detention center, that police officer gave the author a thumbs-up and said, “Many things have happened these years, but you have not said anything negative about me. You are a noble person.”

The author said she knew that, although these words came out of his mouth, it was also encouragement from Master: Once I had no resentment for that officer, his negative feelings towards me were also dissolved by Master.

Ms. Jin was impressed by the author's compassion. She said she once resented a dentist who injured her facial nerve while pulling her teeth years ago. Through studying the Fa, and after quite a long period of time, Ms. Jin discovered that resentment in her mind, and gradually her appearance was restored. While reading this article, Ms. Jin was reminded of the importance of having a pure heart.

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