(Minghui.org) My current job has a lot of downtime from May to October. Thus, I decided to get a part-time job as a driver on Didi Chuxing (a Chinese rideshare company that acquired Uber’s operation in the country) in order to talk to more people about Dafa and the persecution.

In the beginning, I was a bit nervous, as I had to register with Didi using my real name. Whenever a passenger calls me, both my phone and license plate number immediately appear on their cell phone. It was my strong faith in Dafa that finally helped me overcome my fear.

Since all types of people use Didi, I have to constantly adjust my approach based on the person I'm talking to. Sometimes, I start out talking about how my family members have benefited from cultivating themselves in Dafa.

If I meet a young student, I'll often tell him or her how Dafa can open up their wisdom. I then tell them how it has helped my two children become Ph.D. graduates.

If I pick up a client at a hospital, I may mention that none of my family members who practice Falun Gong have been ill or needed any medications over the past 20 years.

If I pick up a senior passenger, I might steer the conversation so that they talk about their health status. I would then let them know that my elderly parents are still enjoying superb health after they started practicing Falun Gong.

When I run into a client who is not feeling particularly well, I tell them to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

If people want to know more about Falun Gong, I provide them with one or more brochures. Whenever I meet people who aren't very talkative or who are busy on their cell phones, I play the video showing the analysis of the self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square staged by the communist regime. Some watch it very attentively, while others don't pay it any mind.

On the surface, it looks like I'm the one clarifying the facts to these people. However, it all comes down to Master's benevolent arrangements.

“No Soliciting Allowed”

The many trials and tribulations that I've faced along the way have helped me improve my xinxing. Shortly after I started my job, I received a notification telling me, “No soliciting allowed.” I had no idea where it came from.

I then thought, “The whole point of my doing this work is to talk to people about Dafa! In addition, I still have to pay attention to my tone of voice, kindness, and approach while talking to people.” Later on, I stopped receiving these notifications.

One day, I picked up a young man in his 30s who seemed totally absorbed in his cell phone. I then turned on the staged self-immolation video. He watched it for a while and then sternly asked me to turn it off.

He then asked me, “Do you know what politics is? If not, I'll tell you: If we say you are black, then you're black. If we say you're white, then you're white.” As I was struggling to understand his cryptic remark, a sentence suddenly appeared in my mind: “Isn't this kind of politics with no black or white, no right or wrong, no kindness or evil, evil itself?” I knew Master was enlightening me.

When I shared these words with the young man, he immediately became silent. I realized that his mind must have been filled with Communist Party culture and that my words had completely obliterated the evil behind him.

One day, a woman in her 60s got into my car, and I immediately played the staged self-immolation video for her. She was busy on her cell phone for the whole ride. I let her off in front of a building that looked like a government office complex.

She later called me on the phone saying that what I did was inappropriate. I became very fearful and failed to respond to her properly. I now regret what I said to her and my tone of voice. I used this situation to eliminate my fear-based mentality. I'm now keenly aware that clarifying the facts about Dafa presents us with many opportunities to improve our xinxing.

After some people learned about the CCP's persecution, they expressed their appreciation: “Oh, I had no idea what it was all about! I only heard the Party's version of the story.” I was very happy for their newfound understanding.

However, there are others who refuse to listen to me or engage in conversation. I always feel a bit sad for these people. There were also a few times when my attachments got in the way, and I ended up arguing with my passengers.

Master said,

“Wandering around in society is rather torturous. It must beg for food and meet different kinds of people who will scold, insult, or take advantage of it. It might encounter all kinds of things. It will treat itself as a practitioner and balance well relations with others, always maintaining and upgrading xinxing. It will not be moved by the temptations of different benefits among everyday people. After many years, it will return from wandering around. The master will say: "You’ve already attained the Tao and have completed cultivation” (Zhuan Falun)

Of course, Master is referring to the Assistant Spirit here, which people cultivated in the past. However, Master has arranged for us to eliminate our attachments while consciously cultivating ourselves and saving sentient beings in the ordinary world.

We should treasure the time that Master has extended for our cultivation. Only by diligently cultivating ourselves can we become true disciples!