(Minghui.org) Mr. Tian Yong was arrested once again in March 2017. Before this, he had been severely tortured in Fuyu Forced Labor Camp and Tailai Prison in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, for a total of seven years.

Mr. Tian nearly died from torture several times. To avoid further persecution for refusing to give up his faith in Falun Gong, he once left his family and became homeless.

Most Recent Arrest and Force-feeding

Mr. Tian Yong and his wife Ms. Wang Aihua were both arrested on March 21, 2017. The police covered Mr. Tian's nose, cuffed his hands, and slapped his face. After being interrogated for three days, he was taken to the Qiqihar City Detention Center, where the guards said they “guaranteed they'd make his life miserable” if he did not give in.

When Mr. Tian began a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and the guards’ unlawful conduct, the guards took him to the prison hospital to force-feed him. Three guards and a nurse held him down on a bed and tried to insert the feeding tube up into his nostril. Because Mr. Tian’s nostrils had been injured from brutal forced-feedings in the past, the tube would not go in, and his cries of pain could be heard down the hallway.

The head nurse then enlisted two doctors to try again. They yelled at Mr. Tian and threatened him, but they still could not get the tube to go up into his nose. His nose was bleeding copiously by that point, and he felt as if he were suffocating.

After putting shackles and handcuffs on Mr. Tian, the guards brought him back to the detention center. With his nose still bleeding, Mr. Tian collapsed and nearly fainted.

Torture re-enactment: Force-feeding

Mr. Tian was later taken to another hospital to be force-fed. The head nurse there told the guards that, given the condition of his nose, Mr. Tian must have really suffered the last time he was force-fed, so this time they pried open his mouth with a pair of pliers and inserted the feeding tube down his throat.

The following practitioners are still incarcerated and being tortured in Qiqihar City Detention Center: Tian Yong, Wang Aihua, Zhang Liqun, Gao Fuping, Li Shunjiang, Wang Yudong, Zhang Shimin, Song Yulan, Wang Yan, Zhu Zi.