(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhou Guibin, in his 70s, was the director of the Yi County Bureau of Industry in Hebei Province before he retired. Mr. Zhuo’s whereabouts has been closely monitored by the Yi County Public Security Bureau since the onset of the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, and his residence has been searched and ransacked multiple times. He has been arrested numerous times, and twice been sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp.

Tortured in Forced Labor Camps

Mr. Zhuo was transferred from the Baoding Forced Labor Camp to the Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp on September 23, 2001, and was brutally tortured. Guard Liu Weidong whacked his head with a large plastic jar filled with water.

The next day, Liu used a wooden club to beat Mr. Zhuo’s head and back for over 30 minutes, until the club broke in half. Liu then used one half of the club to continue beating Mr. Zhuo until his head was severely bruised and bleeding, and his body was swollen.

That evening Liu and another guard named Zhang Jian used high-voltage electric batons to shock Mr. Zhuo’s head, armpits, mouth, and lower abdomen for over 40 minutes, until the electric baton ran out of power. Mr. Zhuo’s body was bruised, and his lower abdomen was black and purple. Three days after that, he was forced to do slave labor.

Arrested for Meeting with Falun Gong Practitioners

Mr. Zhuo was arrested in January 2003 for having lunch with Falun Gong practitioners. A group of police officers, led by the Yi County Public Security Political and Legal Affairs officer Xu Shuzhen, went to Mr. Zhuo’s relative’s house to arrest him, but no one was home.

They tapped the phone of Mr. Zhuo’s brother, and from monitoring their phone conversations, found that Mr. Zhuo was planning to fly to Yakeshi to see his elderly uncle. The police went to the airport to wait for Mr. Zhuo while a couple of other officers monitored Zhuo’s brother’s phone.

Wang, the deputy chief of the Baoding City Public Security Bureau, along with Zhei Guohui, the head of Yi County Public Security, and legal affairs officer Xu and a contingent of police officers, arrested Mr. Zhuo at the airport. He was detained at the Baoding Public Security Bureau for four days. They extorted more than 7000 yuan from Mr. Zhou’s brother as “earnest money.” Officers Feng Yong and Liu Zhenchang threatened his brother not to expose them on the Minghui website.

Becoming Homeless and Destitute to Avoid Further Persecution

Mr. Zhuo was arrested a third time on June 3, 2004. Fifteen days later, the Yi County Public Security Bureau secretly escorted Mr. Zhuo, who had been on a hunger strike for six days, to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp, where he was sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Mr. Zhuo continued his hunger strike in the forced labor camp for 18 days. He escaped from the camp on July 8, 2004. Mr. Zhuo was hunted by the authorities, and he was forced to become homeless and destitute to avoid further arrests.

Forcibly Fingerprinted

More than a dozen police officers broke into Mr. Zhuo’s rental apartment on October 7, 2011. He was arrested and carried to their vehicle. Mr. Zhuo was taken to the Baoding City National Security Bureau, and later detained in Yi County Detention Center.

Mr. Zhuo shouted out, “Falun Dafa is good! Hooligans are abducting good people late at night!” One police officer covered his mouth with a rag which caused his mouth to bleed.

He was taken to the Hancun Road Police Department first where his hands were cuffed behind his back on an iron chair torture device. He was transferred to Hancun Road North Local Police Station the next day, where he was cuffed to an iron chair for three days straight and deprived of sleep for the duration. About four to five police officers clutched his neck, and held his head and fingers to forcibly take fingerprints. They also took photos of him without his permission.

After his arrest, the police returned to his rental place and confiscated his laptop computer, camera, three cell phones, over 100 phone cards, and more than 8000 yuan in cash.

Force Fed

Mr. Zhuo was most recently arrested on September 27, 2017, and detained in the Yi County Detention Center. He went on a hunger strike for three days, and was sent to the county hospital, where he was force fed.

Many people witnessed that Mr. Zhuo’s hands were cuffed, and he shouted loudly while being carried up the stairs, “Falun Dafa is good!”

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