(Minghui.org) After sharing cultivation experiences with practitioners in my area, I realized that some of us, including myself, have not done well in talking to people about Falun Dafa and asking them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

When clarifying the truth to people, we often talk too fast and bombard them with too much information. We should instead consider if they are able to accept what we are telling them. Otherwise people may refuse to listen, and perceive us as if we were trying to sell them something.

For example, I wanted people to understand the facts immediately, so I used to talk quickly. Some people then told me that I was acting like a salesperson, even though I spoke eloquently. I responded, “I am not a sales person because I'm not asking for a penny from you. I only hope that you will be safe and have a bright future.”

I was pleased with my “wisdom” at the time, because I was still able to convince many people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I did not think there was any problem with the way I was clarifying the facts.

I also did not take this issue seriously even when other local practitioners pointed it out to me. I did not look within until I had difficulty talking with my own son.

I was separated from him for ten years because I was persecuted by the CCP. He had to live with his grandparents until he went to college. When talking to my son, I could only understand him half of the time because he talked too fast.

I realized that my son was mirroring my behavior, and that I needed to improve. I also realized from studying the Fa that one of the reasons I talked fast was that I had a show-off mentality.

While I patiently taught my son to talk slower and think of others first, I was able to improve, and I am now better able to communicate with people of different ages.

Clarifying the truth to people is the key to opening one’s heart. When we talk slower and converse with people, we can then better tailor our conversations toward clearing up their misunderstandings about Dafa, and help save them.