(Minghui.org) Some practitioners in our area were recently arrested. Most of them complied with the police's demands and signed or fingerprinted the interrogation documents. They did not realize that doing so acknowledged the persecution.

Most of them admitted that attachments to fear caused them to give into the police demands, but later said that it was against their will. Even worse, some practitioners mistakenly thought that complying with police demands was a benevolent action.

Given that misconception, an arrested practitioner allowed the police to take her photo, which then became part of the “criminal evidence.” Although she clarified the truth about Falun Gong, she was under the misconception that making things easier for the police is the manifestation of compassion. Officers even praised her for her cooperation.

One needs to discern that clarifying the truth with compassion is not in conflict with resisting the persecution with righteous thoughts.

Truly Helping Police Officers

Arresting Falun Gong practitioners is against the law and violates the Chinese Constitution. There is no law that stipulates it is unlawful to practice Falun Gong.

We first must inform the police that they are violating the law in arresting practitioners and stop them from doing so. That is true compassion! Stopping them from going down the path of violating the law is the true benevolence. We should not legitimize their actions with the pretense of compassion.

Acknowledging and cooperating with the persecution makes it easier for police to arrest more practitioners. It also encourages them to employ certain approaches to best persecute practitioners.

Compliance Only Worsens the Persecution

Another practitioner was detained for suing Jiang Zemin last year. The guard slapped her three times when she refused to follow his orders on the first night of detention. She continued to resist. The guard then summoned some helpers and put her in a straight jacket.

However, the guard was told the next day that the head of the detention center was a classmate of this practitioner's family member, and he ordered everyone to treat her well.

The guard immediately wrote a report claiming that it was the practitioner's actions that caused him to use the straight jacket. He asked the practitioner to sign the report, which would help him avoid trouble. The practitioner agreed, thinking that she was being benevolent by not making things difficult for him.

This practitioner did not realize that what she did was abetting the evil-doer and acknowledging the old force's arrangement.

Most importantly, it has been shown that as resistance from practitioners subsides, the guards actions only worsen. They would immediately employ torture methods whenever a practitioner resisted any of their actions.

Complying with and pacifying the police who broke the law is actually committing crimes against sentient beings and Falun Gong. It hides our attachments to fear and encourages the evil. We must take heed since nothing in cultivation is trivial!