(Minghui.org) Over 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners from Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Penghu, and Taitung participated in the Falun Dafa group study and Experience Sharing Conference held at the Yongkang High School in Tainan, Taiwan on October 15, 2017.

Falun Dafa group study and experience sharing.

Practitioners studying the Fa and sharing.

In the morning, the practitioners were divided into 34 groups for studying Master Li's teachings.

They also shared their personal experiences in practicing Falun Gong, looking within when facing conflicts, improving their heart nature, and the importance of group study and practicing the exercises.

In the afternoon, all practitioners gathered at the event center and had a group Fa study. Nine practitioners then shared their experiences in participating in their Dafa projects, ridding themselves of their attachments, raising awareness of the persecution in China and promoting Shen Yun.

A Stern Mother Becomes Gentle

Chiahui from South Tainan has three children. She and her children started practicing over ten years ago. She was stern with her children and had strict requirements. If her requirement was not met, the children would be punished. As a result, the children did not dare to express their views.

The children learned the Fa and did the exercises because Chiahui ordered them to at the beginning. When they grew up, the children had their own views and started to rebel.

Chiahui worried about them. She once lost her temper with her children. One of them asked her courageously, “Why can’t we do this or that after learning Dafa? Why can’t we do the things that our classmates do?” Chiahui did not explain but said, “Because you are practitioners.”

“If we were not practitioners, could we be like our classmates and friends to do whatever we like?” the child followed up. Chiahui was startled and speechless. She felt sorry and thought that the children's behavior was a reflection and test of her own state of cultivation.

From studying the Fa, she enlightened that she could not force her children to do this or that as a mother. She started to follow Master's teaching in her daily life. She noticed that she had an attachment to sentimentality and to thinking and doing things like she wanted.

She changed later to think from the standpoint of her children and exchanged views with them. She wished for them to study the Fa well and did not force them to not do what they wanted to do, as she knew that as long as they learned the Fa in their hearts they would follow it in their daily life.

The children gradually felt that their mother had changed and they now study the Fa actively and participate in talking to people about Dafa and the persecution.

Illness Disappears after Practicing Falun Gong

Ming-jen, a retired high school physics teacher from Kaohsiung, had congenital gastrointestinal spasms. From the time he was young, he went to many doctors and tried all different ways to treat his illness, but all in vain for dozens of years. His stomach pain became worse suddenly one night six months before he was to retire at the age of 55.

He suddenly recalled that his brother had given him the book Zhuan Falun and had asked him to practice Falun Gong. But he did not read it at first. He later went to a practice site to learn Falun Gong.

Ming-jen said, “I can get up early to participate in group practice. But it was hard for me to do the sitting meditation.” He read Zhuan Falun one afternoon and was drawn to the principles. He had a dream after reading the book. In the dream, he shouted, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner!” He enlightened after waking up that Falun Gong was what he had been waiting for.

He then had another dream that Master Li cleansed his body. He had a test about a month after he'd started to practice. His stomachache returned and he could not sleep. He felt dizzy and went to see a doctor. He felt better after taking medicine and getting an injection.

However, six months later the pain came back even worse. He realized that doctors could not solve his problem but just prescribed painkillers each time. He then was determined to not see a doctor and decided to endure the pain.

After that, his pain completely disappeared, and he has not had stomach pain for more than ten years. His long-term ailment disappeared after he practiced Falun Gong.