(Minghui.org) Ms. Sun Meihua, a resident in Suzhou City, suffered severe persecution in China for her belief in Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The 50-year-old woman was twice sentenced to prison (in 2007 and 2015, respectively) for a total of eight-and-a-half years. She was recently released in August 2017 following her second imprisonment. The following is a summary of her suffering based on her personal account.

Nantong Women's Prison

Police broke into Ms. Sun's house in the early morning of May 16, 2007, and took her to the Guangfu Police Station by force. She was later unlawfully sentenced to prison for five years and six months for refusing to give up her belief.

While she was incarcerated in Nantong Women’s Prison, a number of prison guards, together with the local police chief, broke into Ms. Sun's home in March 2008 to videotape her husband, their two children, and her elderly mother-in-law, who were forced to badmouth Falun Gong and her in front of the camera. They later played the footage to inmates and Ms. Sun for brainwashing purposes.

In October 2008, prison instructors Gu Chunyan and Zheng Chenhong lured Ms. Sun’s father, her husband, her younger brother and her daughter into a meeting room at the prison.

Under enormous pressure and threats, her family members were forced to take a stand against her. Her husband and her younger brother slapped her in the face, while her young daughter was so scared that she kept shaking. They told her family members that if she refused to give up Falun Gong, she would be locked up in solitary confinement and shocked with electric batons.

After her family members left, instructor Gu Chunyan told a collaborator to lie to Ms. Sun, saying that her father had developed cancer and needed an urgent operation.

“I was so worried about my elderly father that I agreed to write a statement I should never have written,” recalled Ms. Sun with deep regret.

Immediately, Gu Chunyan called her family members and told them to come back to the prison. Her ten-year-old daughter was so scared that she wet her pants on the way.

When they arrived, Gu Chunyan brought out a cake, saying that she had bought it with her own money to celebrate, because Ms. Sun had given up Falun Gong. Her daughter did not know what was happening and she held her mom and cried loudly. Later, Ms. Sun made a solemn declaration, stating that everything she had said or written under coercion and deception were invalid.

In order to further deceive Ms. Sun, Gu Chunyan also called the CCP secretary of her village and a couple of local police to the prison, and asked them to put 500 yuan into her prison account to show the “kindness” of the CCP government.

Instructor Zheng Chenhong also told two collaborators to deceive Ms. Sun, saying, “You see, the CCP is so kind to you and has put 500 yuan into your account. Your family members don’t even give you any money.”

Ms. Sun told them that she would give the money back when she got back home and they should stop talking to her this way.

When Zheng Chenhong heard this, she dragged Ms. Sun into another room to shock her with electric batons. Gu Chunyan and prison head Wang joined in and shocked her neck, her hands and mouth. Ms. Sun was rolling on the floor in pain.

In 2009, Nantong Women’s prison set up an intensive transformation facility to force Falun Gong practitioners to denounce their beliefs. An elderly lady was stripped naked and forced to stand in front of the surveillance camera. Another new practitioner in her forties was shocked with electric batons and forced to stand still for long hours until she suffered a mental breakdown.

2nd Arrest and Brutal Persecution at Nanjing Women’s Prison

Ms. Sun was released and got back home in 2012. However, she was followed by plainclothes police when she was out running errands.

At around 9:00 A.M. on August 20, 2014, while Ms. Sun was on her way to a market, she was intercepted by a plainclothes police officer, who later called a police car to take her to the Guangfu Police Station.

Ms. Sun clarified the truth to the police officers while they were looking at the materials and pictures they had found in her bag. In the evening she was taken to the No. 4 Detention Center in Huangdai, where she was detained for four days.

Ms. Sun went on a hunger strike against the unlawful detention. The guards force-fed her and put her on a drip with unknown drugs. She was later taken to Nanjing Women’s Prison, where she was abused.

She was closely watched by inmates assigned by prison authorities. One day when Ms. Sun wrote “Dafa disciple” as her name on a prison account, three inmates pounced on her. They brushed her mouth with a toilet brush and stuffed her mouth with a dirty rag to stop her from screaming. They punched her in the head and abdomen and pinched her private parts.

In prison, inmates were forced to watch the staged “Tiananmen Self-immolation” incident over and over again. When Ms. Sun tried to clarify the facts to prison guard Han Yamei, the guard ordered inmates to drag her back and forth on the floor until she started vomiting.

In winter, Ms. Sun was only allowed to wear thin clothing, and no one was allowed to lend her anything warm.

Because Ms. Sun refused to cooperate with the evildoers, she was forced to stand 22 hours per day for three months from February to May of 2016. It was really cold in February, and she had to stand in the wind in front of an open window. When she fell asleep, inmates would pour cold water on her face to wake her up. Inmate Yi Shanling hit her in the eyes each time she closed her eyes.

“I suffered a lot at the hands of inmates Yi Shanling, Zhang Rongying hand Long Lijuan. All my teeth were knocked out and handfuls of my hair were torn off,” recalled Ms. Sun.

When she tried to clarify the facts to guard Han Yamei, Han immediately stopped her from opening an account and only allowed her to eat one mouthful of food at each meal. Han also forbade her to take showers and forced her to ask for permission each time she needed to use the toilet.

Guard Zhu Shengyan also told inmate Zhang Rongying to mistreat Ms. Sun.

“They forced me to sign the prison regulations before each meal. When I refused, they would force me to eat leftovers off the floor of the restroom. When I refused to join the daily military training, they dragged me back and forth on the ground, pulling my hair and hitting me hard on the head. They scolded me and beat me any time they liked and my body was always bruised,” said Ms. Sun.

Ms. Sun wad deprived of sleep from October to December in 2015 and was only allowed one hour sleep every day from 4:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M.

One day, when she could not get up in time, inmates Long Lijuan and Zhang Rongying dragged her to the floor and beat her viciously. Inmate Yi Shanling joined the beating as well and punched her in the left eye, which became badly swollen.

In the winter when she fell asleep, the guards would spray cold water on her face. Her clothes got all wet and she would shiver with cold. When she could hardly stand, they continued to beat her.

While in Nanjing Women’s Prison, Ms. Sun was also forced to undergo blood tests three times.

Four days before she was due for release, the prison tried to force her to sign on a commutation application. When she refused, they ordered inmates to drag her around on the floor. When she resisted, they kicked her hard in the chest.

Ms. Sun was released on August 29, 2017, but local police still keep harassing her and her family.

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