(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner, a Chinese student studying overseas. I would like to share my experience of taking a test.

I took a language test a few months ago. It was an important test related to my degree. I had spent a long time preparing for it, but I wasn't too sure how well I would do. As the test approached, I decided to let go of my attachment to the result and face it with a calm mind.

Part of the test was an oral presentation. I had to randomly draw a topic, give a 10-minute talk, and then discuss the topic with the examiner. The topic I drew was about the faster speed of life and working overtime. My mind went completely blank. I couldn't find anything to say about it. I knew from Falun Dafa's principles that one should follow the course of life naturally. I tried to calm down and not get carried away by my negativity.

My opening statement was a mess. But when I mentioned that I had a heavy workload from school and had to rely on my bedtime meditation to keep my life in balance, my examiner's eyes seemed to brighten. I thought the examiner might have this predestined relationship to learn about Falun Dafa so I started talking about the health benefits of the practice.

During the discussion time we spoke only about Falun Dafa and I completely forgot about the topic I was given. The examiner asked me, “Do you think my Chinese colleagues would know about this cultivation system?” I was a little stunned, thinking my exam would be a disaster if his Chinese colleagues had been influenced by any propaganda and spoke negatively.

I immediately realized my incorrect thought. Everyone has to make their own decision about learning Dafa. I told him with a smile, “I think most Chinese people know about it. It's a very well-known cultivation system. I hope you will find the information you need about it by yourself.” I wrote down a website address and handed it to him.

My time was up. I had to leave. When I stood up, my examiner said, “You know, your beginning statement sounded awkward, but you didn't allow it to affect you. You carefully and calmly spoke the rest of the time, and it got better and better. I think your superior calmness must have come from your cultivation. Cultivating your heart must have given you this calmness that is normally lacking in people your age. This would be a natural result of tempering the mind. So it must be a powerful cultivation system. I will certainly check out the website.”

I think the test was arranged to link up my predestined relationship with the examiner.