(Minghui.org) After nearly 18 years of suppression, a large number of people in China have learned the true facts about and have chosen to support Falun Dafa. But the persecution initiated by Jiang Zemin's regime still continues. Facing illegal arrests and detention, many Dafa practitioners have remained steadfast in their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

At this special occasion of the Chinese New Year, large numbers of greetings have been received by the Minghui website from these practitioners held in detention centers and prisons.

A practitioner from Chongqing wrote, “My wife has been held in the communist regime's detention center for seven months. She has firmly believed in Dafa and Master, and has been mistreated to the point of being physically weak. … Master, please rest assured, no matter how the evil persecutes us, disciples will follow closely your process of Fa-rectification, and return to our true home with Master.”

Practitioners who are held in Jilin City Detention Center wrote, “Although we are temporarily deprived of freedom, we will stand resolute in cultivation. We recite Master's teachings, look within, send righteous thoughts, and talk to people around us about the persecution of Falun Dafa. We hope to walk out of the evil's den soon so as to fulfill our mission and return home with Master.”

Other greetings from practitioners imprisoned for their faith have been received from:

Xuchang City, Henan ProvinceJilin PrisonChangji Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous RegionHechuan District, ChongqingHandan CityYangquan City, Shanxi ProvinceJilin City Detention CenterYunnan ProvinceSichuan ProvinceXianning City, Hubei ProvinceWomen's Prison and Hongshan Prison and Detention Center in Wuhan City, Hubei ProvinceHuainan Prison in Anhui ProvinceJinshi City, Hunan ProvinceJinzhong Prison in Shanxi ProvinceTangshan Prison in Hebei ProvinceDetention centers in Xi'an City and Xianyang City,Weinan Prison in Shaanxi ProvinceShaanxi Women's PrisonLi County, Changde City, Hunan ProvinceLiaoning Women's PrisonShandong Prison