(Minghui.org) I am 40-years-old and have been practicing Falun Dafa for over 10 years. I had a very hard life when I was young, but somehow I always felt some supernatural power was helping me. It wasn't until I learned Falun Dafa, that I came to understand that none of the extraordinary occurrences in my life were accidental.

The “Tall Nun”

When I was a child, my nickname was “Tall Nun.” It originated from a true story.

When I was born, my family was poor, and my father worked out of town. According to my mother, I looked half dead and did not even know how to cry or breastfeed. She thought I would not survive. She was also very sick herself and asked my then teenage sister to put me outside. My sister was too tired that day and forgot to take me outside.

On the seventh day after my birth, a tall lady showed up at our home. She claimed that she was visiting someone in the village. When she heard my mother say that I did not know how to cry or suckle, she looked at me and said: “She is a beautiful baby. Some medicine will cure her.”

My mother told her there was no money in the family. The lady said: “I have seven cents.”

The lady left and came back with medicine she bought with her seven cents and fed it to me.

She proceeded to come to our house everyday, taking care of me and my mother. After one month, my mother recovered, and I looked fine. The lady was very happy. Then she left and never showed up again.

My mother asked every family in the village about the lady. No one seemed to have seen or even heard of such a person. Since the name of our village is “Nun Village,” my mother then gave me the nickname "Tall Nun" in memory of the tall lady.

Celestial Tailor

When I was young, I was physically weak and often fell sick. So my family never sent me to school. When I was about 20, I helped in my sister's tailor shop. Several years later, my sister got married, and I became the shop owner.

When my sister left, I only knew how to make some simple clothes, though I worked very hard and tried to satisfy the customers' requests. Once, a customer wanted a uniform, which I had never made. I tried my best and he was very happy with the result.

On another occasion, I accepted an order for a wedding suit. Afterwards, I became worried: I had no idea if I would succeed.

It was a very cold winter day. So I went out to buy some coal for the evening. I wanted to buy two bags of coal, but the seller refused to sell such a small amount. When I was about to leave, an elderly man approached me: “I can sell you two bags of coal,” he said kindly, “please follow me.”

I followed him to a small street. He told me to go inside to warm myself, while he was filling the coal bags.

When I entered his house, I was shocked. I never imagined that in such a shabby looking place, that there would be a room full of beautifully made high quality suits!

The man told me he made all the suits. “Would you like to learn how to make them? I can teach you.”

I immediately started to learn from him all the techniques I did not know for making suits. I felt so lucky; it was like a dream!

When I returned home that night, I made the wedding suit easily.

When I told my sister the story later, she said there was no such tailor in the region, or else someone would know about it. I looked around several times, but I never found that location, nor the tailor man.

Dafa's Extraordinary Power

When I got the book Zhuan Falun, I could not wait to ask my husband to read it to me. Since I never attended school, I was illiterate. My husband agreed to read some parts to me and commented, “This Qigong is wonderful!”

But sometimes he was not in a good mood and refused to read to me. I held the book and looked at the pages, character by character. But I did not know the meaning of any of them.

One day, after I was staring at the book, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that I was able to recognize the characters! Not only could I read the book, in fact, I had already memorized it!

My husband thought this was impossible. So I read in front of him. “Unbelievable!” exclaimed my husband, who was really impressed by Dafa's miraculous power.

Soon after I started practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared. I felt my body was so light. I am so grateful to Master and Dafa!

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin ordered the crackdown on Falun Dafa. I wanted to go to Beijing to tell the officials that Dafa is good. Our family had no money. So I borrowed 200 yuan, which bought only a one-way ticket.

It was dark when I and another practitioner arrived in Beijing. All the motels we stopped at cost dozens of yuan per night, and we did not have that much money.

While we were wandering on the street, someone walked up to us and asked: “Are you looking for a cheap motel room? It's only 3 yuan per night.” We followed this person to a shabby room, but it was good enough for a night's rest.

We went to Tiananmen Square the next day and lost each other in the chaos. Police officers were everywhere trying to arrest practitioners.

I shouted: “Falun Dafa is good! My Master is innocent!” Then I was detained by police.

I was taken to a place where many practitioners were being held. The police demanded that we tell them where we were from, but none of us complied.

Some practitioners were verbally insulted, or even beaten. In the end, we were given train tickets to Shijiazhuang.

I arrived at Shijiazhuang Station, but had no money to buy a ticket home. Tired and hungry, I fell asleep on a bench.

I was awakened by an elderly man who looked like a cleaning person. He asked me where I was heading. I said the name of my hometown, and he told me the train would be leaving.

He then pulled me up and started to run, dragging me behind him. Before I was fully awake, he pushed me into a train, which started to move as soon as I got in. I did not have time to ask who the man was, nor buy a ticket.

I arrived home safely. My husband was very happy to see me back and cooked a festive meal. He told others proudly: “My wife went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and came back safely without a scratch!”