(Minghui.org) I was arrested and sentenced to a seven-year term in May 2002. Although more than 10 years have passed, I remember everything from the day I was arrested to the day I was released from prison.

Master Helps Me Endure

After sending a message to a fellow practitioner who had just been arrested, I was also arrested and taken in for interrogation.

When I refused to answer any questions, officers slapped a wire across my toes several times. I thought that if I remained motionless and did not show that I was afraid, they would stop beating my toes. The pain worsened the longer they hit my toes. I just endured without moving my feet, begging Master for help. When my suffering reached the limit, they stopped and then beat the toes on my other foot. I knew that Master was helping me endure.

They kept changing between asking questions and hitting my toes, but I remained silent. Finally, they stopped the beatings. Since I neither cried out in pain nor moaned, they were at a loss for what to do. I know that Master bore part of the pain for me.

They continued to ask questions, but I kept silent. Then they began to tickle under my armpits. From childhood to adulthood, as long as my underarms were touched at all, I begged for mercy. But this time I thought, “I am a practitioner! I cannot betray Dafa! I must endure it!”

They first tickled under my left armpit. When I did not make a sound, they tickled under my right armpit. Because I did not respond, they began to tickle the soles of my feet. I still kept motionless.

Then they left. I thanked Master in my mind. Since then, I haven’t been afraid of being tickled.

Taking Master's Article to Imprisoned Fellow Practitioners

While imprisoned, it was most difficult not to have Teacher's lectures. Even if Master’s new article was brought in, it was very difficult to keep it safe. Moreover, all practitioners were held in different cells, so we couldn’t even talk with each other.

The day I received the court's verdict, a practitioner and I were taken to a hall in the center of the detention center, which was closely monitored by officers. The practitioner motioned that he had something for me. Immediately I understood that it was Master’s new article.

I kept my hands behind my back, stepping close and squatting on the ground next to him. The officer asked us to take the verdict document. We stood up together and the practitioner quickly put Master's new article into my hand. I put Master’s article into my pocket and walked back to the cell. At that moment, I felt that my dimensional field was filled with excitement, and it was as if sentient beings were clapping and cheering.

My transfer to the prison was imminent. Having heard about the persecution at that place, I thought about my next steps. “What’s to be done? Will I take along Master’s article? I know that some practitioners have no chance of reading the article, so I should bring it to them, no matter how difficult.”

I folded Master’s article and wrapped it with the verdict and thought, “No matter how difficult the road ahead, I must go forward.”

In the prison, I was taken to the group training team. The guards carefully checked all my belongings and I felt a little uneasy. I ended up making several copies of Master’s article and giving them to fellow practitioners.

Refusal to Obey Prison Rules

Prisons in China are not controlled by outside officials. Therefore, prisons use prisoners to make money. And whether a prison head will be promoted depends on how much profit he made for the prison during the year. That is how quite a few rogue guards have become prison heads. Although the means they use to control prisoners is rough, outside prison officials will not interfere.

Falun Dafa practitioners are good people who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Still, practitioners are mistreated and tortured the most in China's prisons. Many practitioners thus protest, so news of a practitioner being beaten is not rare news. In fact, during my seven years in that prison, over 10 practitioners were persecuted to death.

I stood up against the persecution in 2006 by refusing to wear a prison uniform, acknowledge the prison roll call, do physical labor, and wear the prisoner badge. Many practitioners were worried about me. I was not sure if I could continue with my action.

“As a Dafa practitioner and a true cultivator, I should have the courage to give up everything in the world,” I thought. “How can I make it in cultivation if I hold the Buddha requirements with one hand and everyday people’s things with the other?”

My mind was made up. “The guards have also been deceived and are being exploited,” I thought. “Master told us to save sentient beings, including them. I should not let them persecute us and should stop them from committing crimes against Dafa. If I don’t, it will be more difficult to save them.”

Master said:

“A human being who is transcending everyday people cannot treat them as his enemies. So, I tell you that you cannot consummate if you do not love your enemies. (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada)

I tried to adjust my state of mind. I did not want these guards committing crimes against Dafa.

Soon, the prison director called me in for a discussion because of my refusal to obey prison rules.

The prison rules also required that prisoners squat when they speak to a prison official. I also refused to squat, even when talking with this director. He then ordered two guards to push me to the ground. I kept saying that I did not squat out of disrespect. In return, the director kicked me several times.

“I haven’t committed any crimes,” I said. “Good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. I just don’t want you to participate in the persecution.”

The head asked if I would return to work. I told him that my actions were not against him. Nevertheless, having already decided not to obey prison rules, I told him, I would continue to do so. In response, he ordered that I be shocked with two big electric batons and then taken to a small cell.

“What you said doesn’t count,” I thought. “It is my Master who makes the decisions!”

In the end, I was not shocked; instead, I was returned to my cell and then heard that the deputy was sentenced to a prison term because of being reported by other prisoners.

Protected by Compassionate Master

For the remaining three-and-a-half years, I was threatened with being locked up in a small cell five times and transferred to different prisons three times. When I was on the way to a small cell once, the guard turned around and took me to my normal cell.

No matter the threats, they were never carried out; they were simply resolved by Master. I knew that I was protected by Master.

Some prisoners asked me, “You have a good relation with someone, don’t you?”

Yes, I am protected! It is our great and compassionate Master who protects me.