(Minghui.org) At this last stage of the Fa-rectification period, Falun Dafa practitioners are doing their best to do the three things well. However, many practitioners still wish they could learn more from other's experiences, including cultivation stories of looking inward and breakthroughs in offering salvation to sentient beings. The 13th China Fahui provides us a precious opportunity to help each other in this regard.

Some practitioners feel that they didn't shine in their Fa-validation activities over the past year, so they haven't wanted to write a sharing article for the Fahui. Actually, though, if we think about our experiences with a quiet mind, we will realize how much Master has given us over the past year. We should write about and share these blessings with our fellow practitioners. Doing so will be helpful for our validating the Fa as one body and offering salvation to sentient beings.

I remember that one practitioner told me how she broke through her fear of introducing Minghui Weekly to business owners. The first day she went to distribute the magazines, she started by asking store owners about the products they carried and how well they sold. Toward the end of the conversation she finally took out a copy of Minghui Weekly to give to them. Most of the store owners said they didn't have time to read it. This practitioner looked inward and thought about what had been running through her mind during the process. She found she had an attachment to self-protection, which had made her insincere and not openhearted. She realized that she should have been open and honest while carrying out such a sacred mission. Sentient beings have been waiting for the information in Minghui Weekly.

The next time she went out to distribute the magazines, she introduced Minghui Weekly to the store owners as soon as she entered their premises. Nine out of ten owners accepted the magazine, and most of them agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. A couple of store owners still gave her the cold shoulder, but she told them, “No worries. You might be still waiting for the right time. Please remember to listen carefully next time someone mentions the magazine to you! Good luck to you!”

When I told another practitioner about her experience, that practitioner said, “She broke through her fear so quickly! I'm progressing too slowly. I don't know how to start chatting with people. I had to buy something in the store before I was able to open my mouth. My human mentality is blocking me.”

I saw the second practitioner a week later. She told me happily, “I had a breakthrough. I gave out a lot of copies of Minghui Weekly without having to make a purchase first. That sharing helped me a lot!”

Many practitioners are stepping out to tell people about the benefits of Falun Dafa, the facts of the persecution, and the significance of quitting the communist party and its affiliated organizations. A common question among practitioners is how to do all of this well. If the first practitioner could write an experience sharing article on how she broke through her fear, it would be a good Fahui article.

In another example, a practitioner's relative was arrested last year after she filed a lawsuit against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin. This practitioner (Ming – not his actual name) experienced a lot while he was trying to rescue his relative. His relative wasn't in the best cultivation state and was forced to write a guarantee statement saying that she wouldn't practice Falun Dafa anymore. Her lawyer was unwilling to see her again after meeting with her the first time.

The same lawyer also took on several other fellow practitioners' cases. Even though Ming was the one who picked the lawyer up from the airport and paid for him to take his relative's case, the lawyer would only visit those steadfast practitioners and not Ming's relative. Ming was unhappy at first, but eventually let go of his selfishness and sentiment for his relative through Fa study and looking inward.

Ming continued to pick the lawyer up from the airport every time he came from Beijing and to take the lawyer to governmental offices and detention centers. He was often busy with the lawyer all day long and missed lunch on occasion. He helped rescue all these fellow practitioners with full force, and even entered the courtroom to support the practitioners' family members. Ming did all these things with righteous thoughts. Even though he couldn't do much to help his own relative, he ended up helping more than 10 other fellow practitioners.

The judges eventually understood the truth about Falun Dafa. Eight practitioners were released from the detention center a month after their trials. Ming's relative was also told that she would be released in a month.

If Ming could write down his experience of eliminating selfishness through his rescue work, that would be another great Fahui article.

Fellow practitioners, let's pick up the pen and share what we have learned through cultivation under Master's compassionate care. Let's learn from each other's experiences and lessons, and walk well our final path of Fa-rectification!