(Minghui.org) I would like to share my experience of how making improvement in my cultivation has helped me break through obstacles in truth clarification projects.

Concentrating on Fa Study Helped Me Break Through Technical Difficulties

I noticed late last year that our truth clarification on Internet forums had a technical bottleneck. I made up my mind to solve the problem.

Even though I have worked in the IT field for the past 8 years, my work experience was unrelated to programming or software development. I had to learn new areas from scratch. With Falun Dafa's power, I eventually solved the problem, developed a new forum for internal communication among fellow practitioners, and created a tool to generate statistic reports to improve project efficiency.

I was in the last stage of developing the internal forum last August when I ran into a tough problem. I worked on it for days but couldn’t find a solution. I knew that if this problem wasn't solved, the forum wouldn't be widely used, and all my efforts would be wasted. My anxiety rose as I approached my wit's end.

It was a Sunday morning. I thought, “I have to solve this problem today!” I started trying different ways. However, I didn't make any progress after tries and errors for the entire morning. I felt frustrated. I decided to study the Fa first thing in the afternoon, since I ran out of ideas. I watched the video recording of Master’s “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian practitioners”. I was deeply touched by Master’s profound compassion and how much he has sacrificed for us.

I went back to the technical problem after watching the video. To my surprise, I was able to solve it easily! And the solution was a method I had tried before! It made me realize that a lot of difficulties with truth clarification we have encountered are very likely due to interference from other dimensions. As long as we rely on the power of Dafa and put our hearts on the Fa, we will be able to make breakthroughs, and get the problems solved.

I helped to promote Shen Yun last year. To help with project operations, I decided to develop software to keep a record of the posters we were putting up and various marketing statistics. It was easier said than done. I had literally no knowledge of database programming. But I made up my mind to learn the needed skills.

I studied and experimented day in and day out. Given complicated information on the Internet, there was no easy shortcut. However, miracles kept unfolding in front of my eyes during the process of my software development.

Whenever I needed information, I was able to find it right away. The right program samples showed up in front of me almost every time I ran a search. After two or three weeks, my software was put into use. The entire process bears witness to Dafa’s supernormal power. I truly experienced how all the doors would open in front of us if we truly put our heart on validating the Fa.

Breaking Through Difficulties in a Higher Realm

Master has told us,

“Human beings are the weakest while that being is quite formidable. It can control your mind and easily manipulate you at will. It can even end your life easily. You claim that you can grab it. How do you grab it? You cannot reach it with your ordinary person’s hands. You may grab aimlessly there, and it will ignore you and laugh at you behind your back—grabbing aimlessly is so ridiculous. If you can really touch it, it will harm your hands at once. That will be a real wound!” (“Lecture Seven” from Zhuan Falun)

I’ve recently gained a deeper understanding of this paragraph. In the current situation, the “being” that Master mentioned may well be the demons in other dimensions and the old forces.

As I see it, many of the difficulties and hardships that Dafa disciples have encountered since the beginning of the persecution are not problems of human society, but interference from other dimensions. In other words, they are created by these “beings.” If we simply treat them as ordinary problems, or try to solve them by resorting to ordinary methods, we won't be able to solve them and will put ourselves at a disadvantage. These “beings” might even laugh at us and do more damage.

So what should we do? Master has also taught us:

“Dealing with it requires such a supernormal ability in which one extends one’s hand and 'Bam!' nails it there. Upon nailing it there, we have another supernormal ability that was once called the 'Great Soul-Catching Method,' and that supernormal ability is even more powerful. It can take out one’s Primordial Spirit, and instantly the person will be unable to move. This supernormal ability has its specific purpose, and we just target this thing to grab. Everyone knows that though you find Sun Wukong very big, the Tathagata can use the bowl in his hand to turn Sun Wukong into a very tiny thing by covering him up with it. This supernormal ability can have this effect. No matter how large or tiny this being is, it will be grabbed in the hand instantly and become very tiny.” (“Lecture Seven” from Zhuan Falun)

My understanding is that Master is telling us that we should use Dafa's supernatural power whenever we encounter tribulations. The ability that Master has given us is very powerful. However, if we always constrain ourselves to an ordinary level, we cannot use these abilities. If we could go beyond the realm of ordinary people, we can gradually learn how to use these abilities with ease.

Since the beginning of this year, our truth-clarification project through the Internet forum has encountered many difficulties.

For example, when we posted Falun Dafa information to various forums, a large number of our accounts would be blocked by Chinese authorities, our browsers would be attacked, Dafa activity pictures would be deleted in seconds, and some Chinese Internet forums would block all IP addresses from outside of mainland China.

Every problem was bad enough to stop our truth-clarification effort. Many fellow practitioners involved became passive or left the project. They felt that it would be almost impossible to solve these problems.

I thought, “Since we had been working on this project for so long, there must be a reason for it. Master wouldn't have let us work on anything meaningless. But where was our way out? Only the Fa can bless us with the wisdom we need!”

We increased our time of daily group Fa-study and experience sharing, trying to form one body and pull our hearts together. Before and during our posting on Internet forums, we continuously sent forth righteous thoughts. The results improved greatly.

While sending forth righteous thoughts or doing exercises, I was inspired several times on the problems of account shortage and blocked IP addresses. Following the ideas I was inspired to, my fellow practitioners and I made joint efforts and eventually resolved these problems one by one, even though they appeared to be impossible.

Looking back, I found that all of the obstacles have been overcome with help of divine power together with our righteous thoughts. This is the power given to us by Dafa. We couldn't have accomplished them with ordinary techniques.

Helping Fellow Practitioners And Improving Together

A fellow practitioner in my city experienced severe sickness karma earlier this year. We decided to help her by studying the Fa with her in her home. We took turns to go to her home regularly to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts. I was one of the participants.

At the beginning, I saw a hard shell around her in another dimension. I wanted to break in but couldn’t. For three days, I sent forth righteous thoughts, and did my best trying to destroy the old force arrangements. However, her condition didn't improve and I experienced discomfort with my entire body aching those days.

I asked myself, “How could this happen? Is there anything wrong with helping a fellow practitioner?” I knew this was a small problem, which could be eliminated with a wave of Master's hand. However, Master couldn't do it if the fellow practitioner in tribulation cannot elevate. Eliminating the reason behind her sickness karma without her improvement wouldn't conform to the principles of the universe or the requirements for cultivators.

I shared my thoughts and experiences with this practitioner. We looked inward together, identifying her attachments. After her understanding on the issue improved, I sent forth righteous thoughts again. I observed that the hard shell in another dimension was gone, and I was able to help her clean up the degenerate materials causing her tribulation.

I learned from this experience that when helping fellow practitioners, I must help them improve according to the Fa.

Master said, 

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts
Master has the power to turn back the tide”
(“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II) (Translation Version A)

My understanding is that there exists a premise: disciples’ righteous thoughts being strong is crucial, and only by having our every thought and every idea in accordance with the Fa can we truly have strong righteous thoughts!

The Power Of Compassion

Shen Yun promotion has become a “must do” part of my cultivation ever since the show started coming to our city. The reason I call it “must do” is because I feel the requirements for the involved Dafa disciples are higher every year. I have to advance diligently and rigorously on my cultivation in order to promote Shen Yun well.

While I was selling tickets in a store, there were several days in row I didn’t sell a single ticket. Introducing Shen Yun, my words felt powerless and unconvincing. Seeing all the other practitioners selling tickets successfully, I became more anxious, and started blaming my poor cultivation state.

One day, I happened to listen to a program on Minghui Radio. It was about several fellow practitioners in China sending forth righteous thoughts near a police station. One practitioner initially said to the policemen in her mind, “How many crimes have you committed against Dafa disciples these years? Will you be able to pay for your crimes in the future?”

As she continued to send forth righteous thoughts, she found her state of mind changed, “This is not right. These are also our sentient beings...The reason why they haven't realized their crimes was because we have treated them as our opposition...If these people are eliminated by the Fa-rectification, it would be because we didn’t carry out our responsibilities.”

The practitioner felt her heart expanding, to the extent it could embrace all the people in police station. “There are no policemen, no bad people. They are just sentient beings.” Suddenly, she remembered a sentence from a sharing paper, “I vow to hold the sentient beings in my hands, and take them home.”

She couldn't help but come into tears. She pleaded in her mind, “Master, we were wrong. Please give us another chance, and give these sentient beings another chance. They are our sentient beings, and we must take them home.”

Upon hearing this, I was shocked, thinking about that sentence repeatedly, “I vow to hold the sentient beings in my hands, and take them home.” “I vow to hold the sentient beings in my hands, and take them home.” How profound her compassion is!

Thinking back how much Master has suffered and sacrificed for us, we should ask ourselves, “How well have we done at helping Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings? Have we put our hearts on it, and truly treasured everyone who has the destiny to be saved?”

After realizing the root of my problem, I started introducing Shen Yun with greater compassion. I wholeheartedly want them to be saved. I found my words more powerful and touching.

Once I talked to a young man who had never heard of Shen Yun before. As I introduced Shen Yun’s features one by one, I could see his eyes light up. He listened very attentively for more than 20 minutes, and I completely forgot about myself, feeling immersed in the beauty of Shen Yun. In the end, he said, “Wow, you’re an extraordinary salesperson. I am very touched!” I told him, “Actually, I'm just a volunteer, not a sales professional, but I put my heart into the show.” He was very impressed, and decided to buy tickets. I felt that the power of Dafa had reached his heart.

I would like to conclude this sharing with Master's words,

“Dafa disciples, although Master spoke a little sternly, it was to lift up your spirits, because you are the hope for humanity! The hope for sentient beings! You are also Master's hope!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

We have to live up to the sentient beings’ hope, and even more so, to Master's hope!

Let's cultivate diligently, and cherish the last stretch!

Thank you, revered Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!


(Presented at the 2016 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)