(Minghui.org) I am a young man in my 30s. I had a stable job at a state-owned enterprise and everyone envied me and my family, but I was not happy.

Like many young adults, I began to play video games, which turned into an obsession. I once spent 36 hours playing video games without a break. Afterwards, I felt awful.

Even though I felt bad when I played, I had no control over myself and could not stop. I was wasting a lot of time playing video games and was neglecting my responsibilities.

At work it was important for me to be recognized and promoted. I was always trying to please my supervisor. I do not like alcohol, and have never been able to hold my liquor. However, my supervisor seemed to like it, so I would drink to please him.

After I got back to my hotel or home I would throw up and feel terrible. One day I drank too much and threw up blood.

I wanted people to have a good opinion of me, so I often acted like I knew it all, and as if I was better than others.

I was very competitive and would badmouth my co-workers behind their backs when I was worried that they were getting ahead instead of me. I thought I was being smart.

At home I vented my anger on my wife and child. Later, I would be in tears with regret.

“Is this the life I wanted,” I asked myself. “Is this a good life? What life should I have?”

Turning My Life Around

I then read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, which gave me a sense of relief. This book told me the purpose of my life, how I should behave, and about living the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

We are part of the universe, so everything including our daily lives need to be in sync with these principles. Once, I understood this, I changed.

After two days into this cultivation practice I stopped playing video games. It was not something I forced upon myself. I just had no desire to play anymore.

I started to work hard, and truly put my heart into any work assignments. I took my time and paid attention to every detail. It was a relief.

From reading Zhuan Falun, I began to understand that everyone's path of life is prearranged. So I stopped seeking fame and fortune and took them lightly. I no longer show off in front of my supervisor, or talked bad about anyone else.

When I am out with my supervisor I no longer drink alcohol. I wondered if others would think it odd, but instead everyone accepted it without question. Only once did others try to convince me to drink and my supervisor stood up for me. When I dine with customers, I am the only one who does not drink and it is not a problem.

Power of Dafa Brings Changes

How could it be possible that I no longer crave all I did before I practiced Dafa? Socially it is still common for men to drink. When at a restaurant for dinner, I realize I am the only one sober, and I am the only one with a clear mind. I used to be like them before. Now I know the greatness of Dafa.

I understand I need to follow “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” at home too. I need to think of others first. I no longer argue with my wife and realize that she works hard at home. When my child makes a mistake I am patient and explain things to her instead of losing my temper.

I listen to and communicate with my family. I realize how silly it was to be upset over so many little things. My home is full of love and laughter now.

This is the life I choose, which is a happy life! Many people are puzzled about what kind of life they want. They are sad and cannot find their true self.

Please, read the book Zhuan Falun. You can have a happy life too!