(Minghui.org) I organized a practice test for my class some days ago to prepare the students for the end of year exam. Most students took it very seriously and started working through it straight away. However, one student seemed rather absent-minded. He kept playing with this or that on the desk. One minute he complained about his pen, and the next he asked for an eraser to wipe off something. He then complained that there were too many questions on the test.

I kept reminding him that he needed to hurry up, otherwise he would not have enough time to finish. Still, he kept dawdling and ignored my warnings.

When it was time to hand in the test paper, he had hardly answered any questions. When I took his test paper away, he burst out crying and shouted, “Teacher, I’ve not finished. Let me finish, let me finish it…”

Other students said, “You didn’t do anything during the test. What’s the use of crying now?”

I was stunned by the scene and thought: The child mucked around during the test. Isn’t a reflection of my cultivation state lately? When I study the Fa, my mind would drift, and I feel contented with trivial things in everyday life; I’ve failed to keep up with sending righteous thoughts at the four designated times every day, and I have not done any truth-clarification for a long time. This means I have not done much at all in doing the three things.

Aren’t I like the child who didn’t write much in his test paper? In the end, I would be just like this crying child. Even if I would feel deep regret and cry, there would be no time to make up for what has been lost.

All of a sudden, I realized that I truly need to hurry up and do well in what I need to do as a Dafa practitioner.