(Minghui.org) For a long time I did not treat sending righteous thoughts seriously. My mind was not focused; my right hand dropped, and I occasionally dosed off. I also often missed the alarm at midnight.

Some practitioners in our area have similar issues. When we were sending righteous thoughts recently, I briefly opened my eyes and was surprised by what I saw. Some practitioners’ hands had dropped; some were bowed down, and their heads almost touched the floor; others were looking around.

When I read Master’s lecture “What is a Dafa Disciple”, the following words caught my attention:

“My Dafa disciples, your righteous thoughts do have an effect. And the combined effect of each of you together is powerful beyond compare. The reason you can’t achieve such an effect is that your faith is lacking, and your righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough. With so many Dafa disciples around the globe sending righteous thoughts at the same time, 100 million plus Dafa disciples sending righteous thoughts together at the same time globally, would that not be terrifying to the evil and the old forces? To the gods, it would be a truly magnificent sight. What power! Even with just one Dafa disciple, if your righteous thoughts are strong, the power is enough to split a mountain—just one thought will do it. Under the illusion here, you cannot perceive your own power, but that’s not of great consequence. When you are not cooperating well together, and your righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough, this will cause your mind to, while sending righteous thoughts, dwell on attachments that lead you to look outward, rather than inward, in cultivation. It can even lead you to feel indignant, and get mad whenever you think about someone. Then tell me, what’s the point of your sending righteous thoughts? They are not going to achieve a positive effect, and you will be revealing all of your thoughts, opinions, and attachments to the gods of the entire cosmos. When that thought goes out, all of that gets put on display for the entire cosmos to see—for all to see how you are.”

I was shocked: “Master is talking to me!” I suddenly realized, my faith in Master and the Fa is not strong, and I often focus on others’ shortcomings, but forget to cultivate myself. When sending righteous thoughts, my mind is full of negative thoughts and anger. I felt so ashamed!

The fifteen minutes for sending righteous thoughts is a precious time granted by Master to allow us to use our divine powers to save people and build up our mighty virtue, but I have been wasting this opportunity. This is definitely a huge gap.

I picked up a pen and wrote Master’s teaching quoted above, and read it several times. I realized that my shortcomings are revealed when I look at others for their flaws. I'm supposed to cultivate myself, not others. Master is watching and protecting all practitioners.

I must now rectify my thoughts, and begin to cultivate diligently.

After writing this down, I began sending righteous thoughts. This time, after repeating the verse for sending righteous thoughts, I was able to immediately focus my mind.