(Minghui.org) The time that the Fa rectifies the human world is imminent. Some practitioners, however, have fallen into the trap of seeking money at this critical moment and are unable to pull themselves out.

Below are some examples to remind practitioners of the seriousness of cultivation.

Misappropriating Funds

Practitioner Jack (pseudo name) was a capable person who appeared to do the three things very diligently. He was well trusted by fellow practitioners. They soon let him manage all the money for truth clarification activities, and no one watched or questioned his spending. Yet he did not carefully separate this money from his own expenses.

He suddenly fainted and became in a vegetative state one day. After being rescued, he was unable to talk and could only weep when he saw fellow practitioners.

Dishonest Money

Practitioner Amy did a good job in telling people the facts about Falun Gong and was a major force locally. Fellow practitioners were all proud of her. When others ran into difficulties in getting people to quit the Chinese Communist Party, she could do it easily.

She remarried a rich man about 10 years ago. Afterward, she kept taking her husband's money without his knowledge and giving it to her son. The sum totaled over 100,000 yuan.

She recently suddenly became sick and bedridden. Practitioners around her felt confused about the situation.

Prioritizing Money Over Sacred Roles

Although not short of money, practitioner Lisa got a new job after retirement. What’s more, she has not participated in group Fa study for years.

Two years ago, she felt uncomfortable one day. When she was diagnosed with cancer, fellow practitioners took turns going to her home and sending righteous thoughts with her. She nonetheless passed away after two months.

Teacher said:

“This applies to each and every Dafa disciple: if you were not a Dafa disciple today, you would have been one of the world’s big tycoons, with loads of money. That’s because if you weren’t a Dafa disciple, your mighty virtue—the massive virtue that you brought with you—could have been exchanged for a large amount of wealth. And that holds true for all of you. But you gave up that wealth when you made a conscious decision to be a Dafa disciple. You wanted to be a Dafa disciple, and you gave up those things.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”) Quote Verified

Dafa disciples have to be able to control themselves when dealing with money. One cannot forget his pre-historical promises. We should not die before we fulfill our promises. That would be a tragic and an irreversible situation.