(Minghui.org) Every time I see the picture we took with Master, I remember attending Master’s classes in Tianjin.

A large group of people, including members of the military, scholars, and college students from Beijing, came to our hotel on January 17, 1994. They all looked very kind and at peace.

The next morning, my coworker said to me, “Tonight you have to come with us to attend a Qigong class. It has an amazing effect in curing diseases.”

I never knew what cultivation or Qigong was about but, out of curiosity, my daughter and I went with my coworkers.

Master taught the class for two hours and never had a sip of water. At the end, when Master taught the exercises, he went into the audience and corrected practitioners’ movements.

We had to return to work, so there was no time to take a picture with Master. We asked Master to spend some time with us right before the next evening’s class. I saw different groups of practitioners ask Master to take pictures with them, and I felt we shouldn’t do that. Through it all, Master still smiled patiently.

On the last day of the classes, an elderly gentleman went up to the podium and presented Master with a silk banner. He knelt, kowtowed to Master, and expressed his great gratitude to Master for curing his cancer. Master raised the man from his knees calmly.

Master went to Tianjin a second time on March 14, 1994. I was fortunate enough to get a ticket in the front row. Practitioners applauded with excitement and enthusiasm. Master smiled and made the heshi gesture to us.

Master purified our bodies. My heart disease, headaches, nasosinusitis, pharyngitis, and insomnia were cured. Although I couldn’t see Master’s Fashen, my good friend who sat next to me said, “I can truly see it. Many Buddhas and Gods are on the podium.”

Besides teaching the classes, Master had many interviews and radio broadcasts to cure diseases for people. I listened to Master on the radio.

The first lucky listener was a young man. His hemorrhoid surgery was unsuccessful and he had to lie on his stomach every day. He suffered greatly. Master asked the young man to work with him and relax.

Not long after that, the man cried out loud on the radio. He shouted as he was crying, “Master, I’m recovered now! It no longer hurts! Thank you! I’m kowtowing to you from here!”

Master’s Fa principles are profound and yet easy to understand. I made up my mind to follow Master and be a true disciple by following the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.”

When people at work and home say that I’m an exceptional and happy person, I tell them that everything was given by my Master.

We should all be thankful to our great and benevolent Master!